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  • Media Composer in an square monitor?

    Has anyone tried LG's Ergo DualUp monitor with Avid Media Composer? It's a 16:18 monitor with 2560 x 2880 res (it's like two QHD monitors stacked up): Most users trying unusual monitors go for the ultrawide route... But I'm curious...
    Posted to Media Composer: Get Started Fast (Forum) by fikoantunes on Fri, Jan 19 2024
  • Show Audio Waveforms in the Source Window

    In Media Composer, showing the audio waveforms in the source window with a line indicator over the waveform as to the cursor position would be most helpful. Thank you, Paul
    Posted to Community Issues and Suggestions (Forum) by PaulR on Tue, Oct 17 2023
  • Developing a Streaming Plugin for media composer

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to create a plugin that streams the timeline from avid media composer. I came across the Open I/O sdk which i thought could help me create the plugin and downloaded the evaluation toolkit. I have setup the sample plugin, And i am trying to find any documentation relevant to...
    Posted to Avid Open I/O Forum (Forum) by jasmanprxxt on Thu, Aug 24 2023
  • Wrong Soundroll TC Rate when linking Audio

    Hi. I have a problem whenk linking audio. I put the audio to link in 24 but then when i check it out in the project the tc is in 25. There's a column in the bin that says Soundroll TC Rate 25. And also when i play the audio it plays at 25fps. Do you have any solutions? I have Avid 2023
    Posted to Media Composer: Get Started Fast (Forum) by Gabriel_Fasano on Wed, May 24 2023
  • Avid Version Matrix Question

    I am running Mac OS 12.6.3 (Monterey) and Avid Media Compser 2022.12. I'm having a small, but frequent crashing issue that sometimes I can save and quit from, sometimes not. The Avid Version Matrix ( ) shows Avid 2023.3 as compatible...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by guymellitz on Wed, Apr 19 2023
  • Grouping 23.98 clips in a 59.94 project

    Hello, I am trying to create cgroup clips of 2398 material in a 5994 project. All clips share source timecode, but the sync is not accurate when the group clip is created and synced via source timecode. If I bring all of the clips into a 2398 project and group them, the sync is perfect. Any idea why...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Nicholas Mark on Tue, Apr 11 2023
  • Avid's Proxy Workflow

    Hey Everyone! If you've come over from any other NLE (Premiere Pro, REsolve or even FCPX) to Avid then you may have noticed that Avid does it's proxys a bit differently. They're not attached to the main clip and need to be manually created, tracked and relinked by the user. Below is a link...
    Posted to Avid Community Tutorials (Forum) by Jack Brown on Tue, Feb 21 2023
  • Playback Quality and Exports on Media Composer

    I work at a post house, and many of the older workers are convinced that you must have the playback quality set to Full Quality 10-bit when exporting because it affects the export on Avid Media Composer. To the point that we might be exporting A UHD file that's almost done after almost 2 hours, and...
    Posted to General Discussion & Off-Topic (Forum) by Endyfilter on Thu, Jan 26 2023
  • Media Composer Load crash: AMPI subsystem error

    I downloaded the Avid Media Composer and was ready to load it. It showed a problem when I was opening it on my computer. My computer is a Macbook pro with Intel Core, and my system is macOS Monterey. I tried to follow the Q&A page ‘Move the contents of the Plug-Ins folder to a separate folder’...
    Posted to Community Issues and Suggestions (Forum) by SarahLiu on Thu, Jan 19 2023
  • cancel my subscribtion

    Hello! i have yearly subscribtion to media composer paid monthly but i want to cancel it. Looked for the answer on the site FAQ'S but it has an error on the answer's page so turning my quiastion to you guys: Can i cancel my yearly subscribtion paid monthly and still have some kind of refund ...
    Posted to Licensing Options (Forum) by Benyoffe on Mon, Jan 9 2023
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