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  • Can't select re-create title media

    Hope someone can answer this. Need to re-create title media that has gone offline (something I've done countless times before). Do what I normally do, set in-out in sequence, go to clip/re-create title media EXCEPT re-create title media is greyed out and won't let me select it. Is this a bug...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Nstiles on Tue, Mar 23 2021
  • Issues with title tool+

    I am writing to see if anyone could help me figure out how to return to the title+ pop up window instead of just having to go to effects editor everytime it disapears. I noticed that effects editor doesn't have nearly the same amount of options as the window, so I end up just deleting the effect...
    Posted to Community Issues and Suggestions (Forum) by Beks on Wed, Mar 10 2021
  • T+ not working between computers

    Hi- I'm relatively new to AVID I'm working on a laptop Catalina (MC2020) 10.15.7 as well as a Mac Pro (MC2019) with Mojave. The laptop cannot handle Titles and they are resized, moved, coppied accross - complete mess. On the PRO it's all cool. What can I do? Please don't recomend buying...
    Posted to MC Titler+ Forum (Forum) by ADBoyd on Wed, Feb 17 2021
  • title tool won't work over V

    when I open the title tool for composer 8.3.1 it doesn't show the video I'd like to title over. the screen stays black. I can type letters but it doesn't show the video. any suggestions? tom countdown productions. dallas,TX
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Countdown Dallas on Thu, Nov 12 2020
  • Titler+ titles changing throughout project

    Today I'm seeing that titles in sequences I cut a month ago have changed. For instance, the first title of one sequence is a sbutitle that reads "There he goes!" Now, every title in the piece reads "There he goes!" This has happened in a few other sequences, ones that I cut and...
    Posted to MC Titler+ Forum (Forum) by Lowell on Tue, Nov 3 2020
  • Re: Avid Titler+ - Two features that urgently need addressing

    Second your suggestions! If I could add a third, it would be a template for side-by-side credits like FCP has had for 15 years.
    Posted to MC Titler+ Forum (Forum) by mrtymcln on Tue, Nov 3 2020
  • Title Tool - titles move when recreating

    This has been happening sporadically for a while and on multiple shows: we get sequences from editors working from home. When we recreate the title media, the titles shift. Sometimes they shift a little, other times they shift so much they're almost off-screen. Why does this happen?? We're all...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Rawb24 on Tue, Oct 20 2020
  • MC 2020.6 bugs

    I still have solid old MC 8.9.1 in Sierra on one partition but have installed MC2020 on the second partition for assesment, before commiting and opening old projects to it. My first worry was to dicover the title tool was no longer there. However, I discovered I can still get it (on Mojave at least)...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by danny on Thu, Jul 30 2020
  • Typing Nepali subtitles in Marquee or Title Tool?

    Hi, I am working on a water project video filmed in Nepal and the English language interview sections have to be subtitled in Nepali. I read in Avid's Knowledge Base that the Title Tool supports only Spanish, French, German and English. And that bringing in other languages requires using a third...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Paul Donahue on Tue, Jan 28 2020
  • Re: Title Tool doesn't save rolling title

    Thanks for the reply Roger. It's not hard to figure that TT will eventually get dumped, but in the meantime how/why was it broken? Surely it's only one line of code that enables/disables the save "feature". Until Titler+ has an intuitive UI, AND allows promotion or import of existing...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - Mac (Forum) by Schmidtsk on Fri, Nov 29 2019
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