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  • Create AVX plugin for Media Composer

    Hello, I think a lot of guys know how to do that but I want to include our application as plugin for Media Composer using AVX. Are there some good articles how to start or some best practices which are not commercial? I would be really happy for some infos, recommendations etc. Greetings Jan
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by janfrie on Thu, May 20 2021
  • Access Markers information

    Hello, I'm currently developping an avx plugin and wonder if there is a way to access (read) markers information? Right know the only way to access those is through the markers window. Thanks.
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by mangousta on Fri, Jan 24 2020
  • Modal UI Delay

    Is there any issue if a Modal UI retains control for several minutes?
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by MichaelTancock on Tue, Jul 2 2019
  • Parameter Size

    Is there any restriction on the size of a string or custom parameter? Ideally I need to store some JSON formatted data as part of an effect.
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by MichaelTancock on Tue, Jul 2 2019
  • Delay Render

    I am working on a plug-in where the data required to render any given frame will not be available for a few seconds after the effect is initialised. I can handle this in the render call but once a frame has been "rendered" render is not called again unless some aspect of the effect changes...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by MichaelTancock on Thu, Jun 27 2019
  • Can we provide shape image to MC? Can we get tracking info from MC?

    We have a developer who want to use AVX plug-in. They are video effect company and want to enhance image effect feature of MediaComposer by using AVX plug-in. They have tested basic features of the AVX SDK and now they want to have a feature on AVX. 1. They want to provide shape image to MC through the...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by Shogo.Tsubouchi on Fri, Jan 25 2019
  • Some questions while making a new graphic plugin for Avid Media Composer

    1. How can we make our own media track instead of making video track and applying effect on it? o How can we open Model dialog to edit track i.e. setting length / track name etc. using SDK methods? o Here we need to import our own media. 2. Is there any difference between filter and effect (as only effect...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by Mandeep on Mon, Dec 10 2018
  • can't find "acfsingleton.h" in build proccess

    Hi, I've download SDK *AVX2SDK_Legacy and AVX2SDK_1060) for Windows OS. I've be able to build samples except "AVX2SimplePlugin". Error of AVX2SimplePlugin build: can't open include file "acfsingleton.h" I can't find that file, where is the file - acfsingleton.h?? I...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by kousuke on Sun, Nov 11 2018
  • MC 2018 stucks at loading MCEffects.avx when opening

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and I hope I am posting this into the right category. I was searching everywhere for this but it seems that I am the only one experiencing this. When I open MC 2018.4 it starts to load and reload the files. After a few seconds it stopps loading at MCEffects.avx. It takes...
    Posted to Avid Media Composer - PC (Forum) by Michele Gentile on Mon, Jun 11 2018
  • Plugin compiling and debugging on Mac

    Hello, My company is writing a plugin for MC 8.4. We started the development on Windows, using the provided examples as reference. Once we got to the point of testing, I had to port everything to Mac. To do so I had to edit some of the pre-processor directives to adapt them to modern Mac systems (Intel...
    Posted to Avid AVX Forum (Forum) by roberto_m on Thu, Sep 3 2015
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