Physician Recruitment Trailer


This is the first (rough cut) scene, also a trailer, for a 25 minute video produced to attract doctors to an underserviced area. Produced 100% with Avid Liquid Pro and shot ona PD170

Date Added: Sun, Oct 7 2007

Runtime: 1:08

File Size: 14.6MB

Views: 1,372

Products Used:

  • Avid Liquid Pro



Every-Frame-Counts said:

You've got some solid canned shots in the intro, but I'd lose the overpowering music and edits in the tail end. Concentrate your focus all the way through. It almost feels like "World's Scariest Police Videos 8".. I didn't find out this was a small town with big city amenities till it was over. More importantly, the goal here is to make yourself seem appealing to doctors. They're well educated, forward thinkers with lots of money. East Gwillinbury sounds like a classy upscale place..your pacing and message should reflect that.

Fri, Jan 4 2008 2:17 AM


Thanks for that - this is just a short clip form a 20 minute video

Wed, Sep 1 2010 8:40 PM

Lembit Soobik said:

A great example to teach how to approach a project. First the slow sleepy village -> you can have here the nature for relaxing (slow motion walking). Then the opposite bang bang bang: here is life! and dont forget the doc wants maybe golf as well.. I need to see it again a few times to learn the details. Thanks a lot. Lembit

Thu, Dec 8 2011 7:58 AM

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