Pepsi "can cap" animation

Posted By: Adman

I started this in Avid 3d but ran into roadblocks (racking my brain for hours on end) due to serious bugs in the modeling tool which I reported and at the request of Avid, documented in detail and forwarded to Softimage. Avid/Softimage decided to remove modeling tools in the next (current) version.

I created the label texture graphics from scratch in CorelDRAW! (and Photoshop) using the basic Pepsi logo (only the lettering and globe (sans burst graphics) were available) from Pepsi's password protected corporate logo/graphics download page (courtesy of Pepsico). I cut a Pepsi can apart, flattened it and scanned it and put it on a locked, ghosted layer in CorelDRAW! for layout reference.

I created the models in Sofimage|XSI from scratch... steep learning curve, but an awesome program. This is a work in process... many more tweaks to come, including music and sound effects. Now that the main work is done, it can of course be used/reanimated in many ways.

(Fwiw, attempts to adjust the specular value in the Blinn (vs. Phong) caused a major system crash..)

I used Media Composer only for finding and outputting the still for the thumbnail.

Date Added: Mon, Sep 24 2007

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Adman said:

For the record... I was able to get the "Blinn" to work properly without crashing the system. So I adjusted the specular parameter to improve the dynamics in the highlights. I have updated the file accordingly.

Tue, Sep 25 2007 6:48 PM

Adman said:

Also... I am currently looking for an HDR environment map in order to make the reflections more realistic.

Wed, Sep 26 2007 5:57 PM


Great work on the grpahics. What wold a clip like this cost to produce?

Sun, Oct 7 2007 5:30 PM

Adman said:

Thanks... creating the graphics with a high degree of accuracy (virtually identical to the real item) was a big part of this. Before commenting on what we would charge, I would like to get your feedback. What do you think? (I did get a quote from a freelance 3d animator (in Maya) prior to starting it.)

Thu, Oct 11 2007 6:54 PM


I don't know how to price this or I woudn't have asked. While I've done some cheesy animation in fash and injected that into a video stream with great success, I have no idea how you did this; I know Maya isn't cheep to work with. I guess what I was hoping for was ball park based on time values. toook you 3-4 days and you work at $? per hour. That would give me enough to know if I need to go further with the conversation, relative to the project budget we have.

Thu, Oct 11 2007 8:54 PM

Adman said:

The basic reason I asked is that this was quite the learning experience and I would have to rethink how many hours might be required, sans learning curve. Rates, of course, vary from market to market. Softimage|XSI and/or Maya animations can run into several hundred dollars per hour in the Atlanta market. I discounted our rates on this considerably. I'll follow up via email...

Fri, Oct 12 2007 12:44 AM

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