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  • Wed, Jun 10 2009 9:04 PM

    Mixing console compatible with MC Soft?

    Looking for way to output discreete audio out of MC Soft. Does anyone use Command 8 or 003 Factory for this purpose? Can anyone explain the advantages of one over the other?

    Larry Jordan

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    Re: Mixing console compatible with MC Soft?

    I believe that the Command 8 (controller interface with only L/R speaker outputs), at least would need some additional compatible audio hardware to do it.

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    Re: Mixing console compatible with MC Soft?

    I've never found a way to do anything like this. Hardware is the last remaining profit center for Avid.

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    Re: Mixing console compatible with MC Soft?

    Unfortunately, you really can't output more than 2 channels without some Avid hardware.  I seem to recall that the 002/003 only works on Windows.  I also seem to recall that its functionality with Media Composer is somewhat dodgy, with many people having a lot of trouble getting it to work reliably.  I could be misremembering, though, and it may work just fine for you.


    But barring that you'll need, at a minimum, a Mojo SDI, which will give you four channels of audio out.  An Adrenaline will also give you four channels of analog audio.  You can increase this to eight on the Adrenaline by adding an ADAT converter such as the Behringer ADA8000.  I've used one of these (it may not have been the same model, but it was definitely made by Behringer) with an Adrenaline and it worked quite well, with no noticeable delay or quality loss.  I'm not sure if it can be made to work with a Mojo SDI or not, although I suspect it wouldn't work as the Mojo SDI doesn't appear to have ADAT, only S/PDIF.  It probably would work with a Mojo DX, but I can't say for sure as I haven't used that hardware yet.


    Theoretically, you could also get a box that converts the 8 channel audio that the Mojo SDI can embed into an SDI stream into something more usable, but the only thing I can find that does that for all 8 channels is the Aja HD10AM, which only converts it to AES.  Doesn't seem a whole lot more useful to me, but maybe that can be further converted to analog somehow with another box.




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