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  • Fri, Mar 25 2022 6:56 PM

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    When using SpectraMatte, can I make the plate v1 and the replacement footage V2?

    Hi everyone! This is a simple one, but I've never run into this request before. Is there a way to have my original footage with greenscreen as v1 and the footage I am comping into the greenscreen above it as V2? I am using spectra matte and tracking the comp footage with a simple 3d warp tracker. Appreciate any help!

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    Re: When using SpectraMatte, can I make the plate v1 and the replacement footage V2?

    The way the FX architecture works is that the greenscreen would have to be at the top, so that when you use the Spectramatte effect to key out the green, you will 'see' through to the layer below.

    However, there's a strange anomaly in the Avid timeline where, if you change the order of V1 and V2 (by dragging the V1 track above V2) it will still process effects as if the video tracks were in the original V1, V2 order (ie. with V1 at the bottom).

    Try this on your Spectramatte timeline by Command/Ctrl dragging V1 so it sits above V2. You should see that your effect stack still works, even though you've inverted the stack! This would be the opposite to the way something like After Effects works, where changing the stack order would definitely make a difference.

    Be aware that everything on the timeline is effected this way - it can make working on other effects confusing! I guess if you limited this 'track reversal' to a specific pair of tracks, then making sure only Spectramatte effects are sitting on these tracks, it might make things easier.

    Many years ago this anomaly became a little tease that was tried out on Assistant Editors. We would put titles below the main footage track (so they weren't being displayed on screen), then swap the tracks around - so the titles would appear to be above the footage track -  then ask them why the titles weren't being displayed!


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    Re: When using SpectraMatte, can I make the plate v1 and the replacement footage V2?

    Actually, wierdly, there is a way to do this...

    1. Put the greenscreen on V1 and the background on V2.

    2. Add a Spectramatte to V2.

    3. Click the Promote to 3D button. You get a 3D Warp with Spectramatte 'embedded'.

    4. In the Foreground parameter group, click 'Swap Sources'.

    5. Voila, you're now keying V1 over V2!




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