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  • Wed, Feb 9 2022 1:55 AM

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    Relinking Avid MediaFiles and OMFI MediaFiles to current Media Composer

    On a macbook pro, I am rebuilding my Avid Media Composer databases after switching from PCs to a mac.  I have folders that are Avid MediaFiles folders, and I have much older folders that are OMFI folders.  I am trying to rebuild the projects so I can work with them again.

    I have 8 TBs of these files.  They have been combined on an external drive into one Avid MediaFiles folder (which has 3 mxf Subfolders (1,2,3)) and 2 OMFI MediaFiles folders, (1 and 2).  

    I figure because they're old I'd delete the mdb and pmr files and let those rebuild.  

    I have Avid Project files and Attic files I am trying to use to RELINK everything, find all the files where they now reside.  (all the external drive names and folders have changed from when the projects were first recreated.)

    Its a large project, and I am stumbling through it.  

    I can open projects, but the pointers no longer point to the location of the mxf or omfi files.  I try to relink, with no success.

    Is there some straightforward way to tell Avid to search for and relink to the Avid MediaFiles and OMFI files in their new locations?

    thanks if you got through this!




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  • Wed, Feb 9 2022 6:35 AM In reply to

    Re: Relinking Avid MediaFiles and OMFI MediaFiles to current Media Composer

    Hi John,

    If you have deleted the database files (the .mdb and .pmr files) in all of the folders inside Avid MediaFiles and OMFI MediaFiles, you shouldn't have to use 'relink' to get everything online. What should happen is during Media Composer startup, Media Composer should 'see' the media on your system and scan it. This creates new database files.

    The first thing to check is that the Avid MediaFiles and OMFI MediaFiles folders are at the root of the external hard drive, and not in folders. If they are at the root of the drive, let us know and we'll try other things.

    It would also help to know what exact version of Media Composer you are using, and what exact MacOS version you are using.

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  • Wed, Feb 9 2022 9:27 AM In reply to

    Re: Relinking Avid MediaFiles and OMFI MediaFiles to current Media Composer

    A useful way to test your Avid MediaFiles root is correct is to create a title or a bit of audio tone media to that drive.

    Avid will plave that in the 1 folder inside MXF inside Avid MediaFiles

    If you have the path wrong you will se Avid create the correct path (you can then move all you numbered folders into that correct MXF folder.

    Remember you can only have 1 OMFI MediaFiles folder per drive and it has to be at the roor level of the drive with no sub folders.

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