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  • Mon, Sep 28 2020 1:54 PM

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    Bug: Adding keyframe values with control sliders does not always 'take'


    1. Create new titler+ title on a selected clip

    2. Add a new text layer such as a lower third and enter some text (this will be named Layer1)

    3. Make sure the text box is selected (the outer box, not just the text)

    4. Open the Layer1 > Translate > Horizontal Translate graph in the Effects Editor

    5. Move the timeline cursor to about the one second position in the Effects Editor

    6. Right-click on the graph and select 'Add Keyframe'

    7. Move the timeline cursor to the beginning of the clip in the Effects Editor

    8. Right-click on the graph and select 'Add Keyframe'

    9. Drag the Translate > Horizontal Translate slider to the left (-999)

    10. Play the effect and watch the text slide-in from the left

    11. Click on the 'Edit' workspace to exit the Effect / Title editing mode

    12. Position the timeline cursor at the begining of the clip and then press the spacebar to play the text animation



    The lower third remains visible and stationary. Entering the Titler+ edit mode again reveals that the first keyframe is actually at the '0' location, not -999.



    The text should slide in from (left) off-screen to its final position. The Effect Editor should indicate that the value of the first key frame's Horizontal Translate is -999.



    It seems that if you actually grab and drag the first keyframe down to -999 rather than using the Horizontal Translate slider that the keyframe will 'stick'...

    I should also mention that if you click on the slider and then type-in a value on the keyboard, the slider moves but the parameter value (as seen in the graph) does not seem to see this change).

    In general, there are all sorts of problems with keyframing in Titler+. For example, if you create a second text layer and change its properties, there's a good chance that the keyframing of the first layer will be corrupted. I can't give specific steps (there are too many permuations) but the whole mechanism is in pretty bad shape.

    MC 2020.8

    MC 2021.6 | QT 7.7.9 | Continuum 2021 | Sapphire 2021 | Mocha Pro 2021 | Titler Pro 7.7 | Windows 10 Pro x64 (21H1) | System: Asus x299, i9-7940X (4.1GHz... [view my complete system specs]



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