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  • Thu, Jul 14 2016 11:10 AM

    • losalnos
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    Creating Multiple subclips at once from Bin

    Hi All,


    I was wondering if there was a super-quick way to create multile sublclips in one go?


    For example, when using autosync, I can put all my video & sound media in a bin, select it all and, using autosync, MC will create subclips of the combined media. Brilliant. Here's the thing. We've had a day of filming where I have more than 400 clips that are MOS, so I don't have any sound to use autosync. I still want to create subclips though so that I can alter the file names for my editor without disrupting the naming convention (for online/conform purposes) and also just to keep the workflow consistant.


    Is there a way to create the subclips "all at once" i.e. like how you could select all in the bin, and cmd+drag in to another bin and it would duplicate the clips in that new bin. Is there an equivalent for creating subclips? Or some sort of menu command somewhere? Or is it simply a matter of loading each clip in to the monitor, using my subclip shortcut, and going through them one by one? That's by no means a disaster, but if i Could do it in 30s rather than 30 mins, that would be great. 


    I'm using MC 8.6



  • Thu, Jul 14 2016 11:58 AM In reply to

    Re: Creating Multiple subclips at once from Bin

    Does this help?

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  • Thu, Jul 14 2016 4:06 PM In reply to

    • Marty
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    Re: Creating Multiple subclips at once from Bin

    Unfortunately, I don't know a way to do this but I would be also interested if somebody knows.

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  • Fri, Jul 15 2016 10:21 AM In reply to

    • losalnos
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    Re: Creating Multiple subclips at once from Bin

    That's brilliant Job, thanks. It worked a treat. It's not quite a one keystroke solution, but it's massively quicker than loading each clip in the monitor and creating it that way. Did my whole bin in less than a minute this morning!


    For the commentor above (and anyone else!), it's dead simple:


    - Open the bin with your master clips you want to subclip and select them all

    - FILE -> Export (or in MC8.6 FILE -> OUTPUT -> EXPORT TO FILE) and select Avid Log exchange. If there isn't a preset on your machine, you may have to create it in the export options pane, but the great thing is ALEs don't have any settings to alter, so you just select the ALE format and everything is in place.

    - Save the ALE somewhere convenient

    - With the same bin selected and clips still highlighted, now go to FILE -> Import

    - In the dialogue box make sure the format is the same as the original clip format (In my case, I was offlining at DNHD 36, so made sure that was selected), then go to OPTIONS and in the SHOT LOG tab, make sure the second from bottom option is selected - "Merge Events with Known Sources and Automatically Create Subclips"

    - Hit OK, navigate to the ALE you previously created and hit IMPORT; your bin should now also have the subclips of the Master clips, along with all the metadata.


    Trust me, it sounds more dauntig that it is. Do it once and it's a great wee tool in your locker. Also HIGHLY recommend reading the full article Job linked to: The ALE roundtrip seems like it can be used in so many other useful situations.


    Thanks again everyone!



  • Sat, Sep 5 2020 12:12 PM In reply to

    • ABCfeld
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    Re: Creating Multiple subclips at once from Bin

    Old post, but just helped me so much so I wanted to say THANKS!

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