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  • Wed, Jul 6 2016 8:57 AM In reply to

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    Re: database files are not being created in the mxf folder

    Dear all,


    Many thanks for all your help and advice. It worked! In this case, I just moved the folder out of the project file to the root and that created the two database files. I think, I leave it there as it worked now and don't start renaming folders. I hope, I am right in doing this. 

    Many thanks to all of you. Best wishes, Anita

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    Re: database files are not being created in the mxf folder


    and you´ve also learned some new stuff that might be nice knowledge for a coming future

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  • Tue, Jan 31 2023 12:49 AM In reply to

    Re: database files are not being created in the mxf folder

    Hey Job! My friend Claire is having the same problem. Im trying to help her set up her documentery to cut. Shes on a PC.

    Creatied the MXF files in Davinci just we suggested on one of our old posts! No AAFs.. Just MXF folders without the 2 Avid Files needed to populate the bins. Shes restarted Avid but the folders still dont have the 2 files.

    Im having her check the permissions as well as rebuild the databases

    And Im having her rename the folders to start as you suggested. Ive just seen that this is from 2016! Has anything changed? I hope you are well. Hug from London Tracy xo

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  • Thu, Feb 2 2023 3:23 AM In reply to

    Re: database files are not being created in the mxf folder

    Hi Tracy, The media management is the same. Here is probably more details than you need but the method uses MC to create it's own media folders in the MXF folder.

    At the root level of her media drive create a folder and name it&nbsp; exactly Avid MediaFiles&nbsp

    On a windows system PC system&nbsp; Data drives&nbsp; (drive letter:\Avid MediaFiles\

    Open MC and then the project.&nbsp; Set the projects output file to her data drives&nbsp; drive letter:\&nbsp;

    Import a small media file (maybe a graphic file)

    From the desktop my computer select the Data drives drive letter&nbsp; amd open it followed by opening the&nbsp; &nbsp;:\Avid MediaFiles\MXF\1 folder that MC has created.&nbsp; She should see the two database files, msmFMID.pmr and msmMMOB.mdb&nbsp; plus.&nbsp; &nbsp;Then she will know that the system is working.

    From there the system is very easy to create her own media management by renaming the 1 folder IF she wants by renaming the 1 folder to any number only or suitable descriptive alpha numeric name. OR she can leave it at that and MC will just add more media as it is created up to around 5000 files when MC renames that 1 folder and creates a new 1 folder.

    Be aware MC reads and writes to the 1\ folder and updates it's databases every time there is a change in that folders content.  MC reads other folders by accessing the two database files in them.

    The number only named or alpha numeric folders can be sent to any other stand alone MC system in the world and as long as the Post House moves them into their \Avid MediaFiles\MXF\ folder their MC will read them.

    Tracy Granger ACE:
    Creatied the MXF files in Davinci just we suggested on one of our old posts! No AAFs.

    FWIW Here I create my MXF files with the Resolve's Avid Template and send it directly into a newly created 1 folder in my Media drives:\Avid MediaFiles\MXF\ folder.&nbsp; Then opening my project in MC I drag the .AAF file from that 1 folder into a bin in my project. The bin populates with all the media thanks to the two database files automatically and correctly setup&nbsp; in my&nbsp; 1 folder when opening MC.


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