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  • Sun, Apr 3 2016 11:21 AM

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    Anyone using ProTools | Control for Audio Automation Control within MC?

    Just stumbled across it whilst trying to get the latest version of V-Control working.... Here's a few thoughts if anyone is trying it out...


    Avid ProTools | Control


    Installed Eucon v3.3 - enabled wifi as network


    Selected ‘eucon’ as controller in Avid MC


    Restarted PT | Control and Eucon - all hooked up


    Transport controls are not reliable, sometimes take a couple of presses. Little bit of latency but not terrible (blue stop light on PTC always shows - never indicates Play or FFW/REW)


    FFW/REW work as multiple J/L presses (25/50/75/125/200 fps). You can ‘sort of’ get K+L / K+J functionality but it’s hit and miss. V-Control has jog/shuttle wheel that is much better and also holding FFW/REW with that gets fast rewind/forward.


    Soft keys are a bit hit and miss, as for transport keys, but there are multiple banks and can be reassigned through EuCon control.


    There is no audio metering in PTC (unlike V-Control)


    No track naming reflected in PTC, only track numbers (unlike V-Control)


    Clip Mixer Mode - not usable


    Fades & pans made in PTC reflected in MC mixer but NOT always updated in timeline ‘clip gain’ indicator’


    PTC faders sometimes retain level from previous clip and adjusting will then update MC to reflect PTC level. (e.g. Set PTC to -12dB, reset to 0dB in clip Mixer - PTC remains at -12). Scrolling away and back again on timeline refreshes correctly.


    Adjusting levels on PTC does not adjust level output by MC. (i.e. Clip mixer level adjusts and reflects -40dB setting, metering and output unaffected at 0dB). Makes the clip mixer adjustment worse than useless. ‘Bypass’ on and off on clip mixer and the levels do ‘take’.


    Mute/Solo buttons works during playback - about 0.25 s latency.


    Timecode display toggles between two displays above composer monitor



    Automation mode


    Record button does not work from PTC - had to use MC audio mixer button.


    It’s a little bit dangerous as PTC will control faders / levels in this mode but will only ‘write’ them if record is clicked in MC.


    Automation seems to be pretty accurately recorded - latency not *too* bad - although, exactly as per using a mouse to keyframe, it is tricky to get a quick fade between words AND the automation recorded is slightly behind the monitoring (i.e. when I got a quick fade between words during record there was just the start of the word on playback).





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