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  • Tue, Feb 3 2015 7:34 PM

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    Slow bins and consolidation issue. Usual solutions not working.

    Hi all, 

    On my current project I realised that some bins were opening, saving and closing excrutiatingly slowly. 

    I went in to investigate why.

    All MCStates were deleted and Tech support dialled in to look at all of my windows and AVID settings remotely but couldnt help.

    I later found that a possible reason is that a while back I had consolidated some media to an external hardrive to work from home - I never actually used the project or media at home, but I have used the drive with the media on it since that time. 

    Its clear that the AVID is still looking for the consolidated media rather than the original media still on the unity in some instances. The grouped clips etc were all created using the original media but for some reason the media in the groups and sync bin randomly go offline as they are looking for the consolidated media. 

    I have tried relinking over and over. Sometimes it works and then 10 minutes later the relink is lost again. 

    When I look into the original roll bin I can see and hear everything perfectly, it seems that it is the groups that are refusing to look back at the master media on the unity.

    Next obvious step is to trash the databases. There were 4 rooms used to ingest media. The databases of all have been trashed and rebuilt on each individual computer. 

    I have created a test project and pulled the reel in there, I have unmounted the unity and any external devices. The bins still behave extremely sluggish and also from reading in the timeline, they also are still seeking the consolidated media.

    I was working on Avid Media Composer 7.0.3 with this problem and was upgraded to 7.0.4 and it has made no difference. I am on a HP PC Z420. 8 GBRam and am on Unity. 

    I have also pulled the consolidated media off the external hardrive onto partitions on the unity. The offline clips populate fine, but then I am back to the problem of the slow slow slow bins. Any ideas as to what may help, force the groups to relink to the original grouped clips and stop looking for the consolidated offline media so that the bins hopefully move more normally?

    Thanks so much

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    Re: Slow bins and consolidation issue. Usual solutions not working.

    Any AMA media? Try deleteing any links to external drives in your AMA database - sometimes if that is tracking media on a slow external drive it can impact everything.

    HP Z820 16GB RAM Winx64Pro SP1/Xeon 2620 x 2/Quadro 4000 NitrisDX, Fiber client Unity client 5.3 Build 15440, 4 bay SSD dock (Addonics) Custom build: Asus... [view my complete system specs]


    Can we go back to the way audio nodes used to be selected? Please? ie if you have audio nodes at the same time on selected tracks; then selecting 1 audio node selects them all at that time. Having to shift select nodes or add an in and out is time consuming and counter productive. At least make it an option.

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