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  • Thu, Dec 9 2010 3:49 AM

    Avid DS 10.5 Training Edition??

    What is this training edition and what are the benefits of getting a license from the training license? From what I read your free to use it as a TRAINING edition, i do not understand wat that means. Is it fully functional for 30 days and then after that does it lose some functionality? Training Edition has less features??? I tried searching for some FAQs about it to no avail.

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    • dermot
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    Re: Avid DS 10.5 Training Edition??

    training edition has no output, and encrypts the project data so it can't be used in a licenced DS, other than that i belive it completly functional


    but i could be worng (again)





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    • M-Edit
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    Re: Avid DS 10.5 Training Edition??

    No, I think you're right on the money, Dermot. Big Smile

    Some additional info.

    Even if I can't be totally sure that all applies to v10.5
    training edition, all previous training editions have
    had all output possibilities disabled. So no output
    to tape, no file export of any kind, no EDL export.
    And any Presets created in the training editing can't
    be used in a licensed system.

    Futhermore the possibility to input from tape has
    been disabled. File import work though.

    But apart from that it should be a fully functioning
    software, that gives you the ability to train on
    every feature of the program.

    I think you get the picture johnlucas, from Avid's
    point of view, you shouldn't, in any way, be able
    to use anything created in the training edition
    in a licensed production situation. So it can't
    be used as an online or offline system in any way.

    But you should be able to use the training editing
    as a means of elevating yourself to an Avid DS maestro. Wink

    The new thing here I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong,
    is that you can get a "one-time 30-day activiation license",
    which for a month enables all the features of the software.
    and that also includes tape input/output. So for 30-days
    it's elevated from training editing to full, and after the
    30-days it's reverts back to a training edition again.
    And after that you can't contact Avid and get a further 30-day

    And remember, any "sharp" project created during these
    30-days, when after that opened in a training edition
    will be useless on a licensed system. So if you want
    to dabble with a "sharp" project in the training editing,
    make a copy of the project and dabble with the copy.

    So, I hope I've been "over-clear" enough.


    Oh, forgot one thing. Of course you can't use
    tape input/output wihtout the necessary and
    approved hardware.

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    • slabross
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    Re: Avid DS 10.5 Training Edition??

    I can simply add that Avid DS does not run in a Demo mode, like other Avid products.  If you use Avid DS in its Training Edition mode, the nice thing is that there is no expiration date.  You can use it forever if you like.

    The one-time 30-day Trial is indeed a new offer with 10.5 that allows people to evaluate if the product matches their needs in their post-production environment and pipeline.

    But it is also true that this is a one-time limited offer.  If past the 30-day period, you did not archive any on-going project (Mike mentions copying project but this is the wrong method), you cannot request an extended license.

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