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  • Sun, Mar 31 2024 4:40 AM

    cannot export - please help!

    No matter what I try, I can't export any sequence.  I've changed export settings.  I've changed how I mport the media.  I always get the same error message: 

    Assertion failed: FALSE

    File: /Users/releng/Builds/workspace/MC/Release_Installer_Git/ Mac_Build/ppg/MediaComposer/PublishDialog/src/ PublishSettingsQT.cpp, Line: 302

    Does anyone have an idea what's going on?  i am using Avid First on a Macbook Pro running Sonoma 14.2.1

  • Sun, Mar 31 2024 10:16 AM In reply to

    Re: cannot export - please help!

    right click on the record monitor and use that export function

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  • Sun, Mar 31 2024 6:02 PM In reply to

    Re: cannot export - please help!

    PublishSettingsQT.cpp tells me it's a UI drawing issue.

    You using export presets?

    Issue persist with reinstall/new user profile? 

  • Sun, Mar 31 2024 11:19 PM In reply to

    Re: cannot export - please help!

    Tried that -- still crashes :(

  • Sun, Mar 31 2024 11:32 PM In reply to

    Re: cannot export - please help!

    I've had the same issue, even with a re-install.  I don't know why but I don't see under settings/user a place to change my user profile.  In fact, the overall amount of options I have is limited: Audio ducking, Bin, Clipinfo Settings, Controller Settings, Full Screen PB, Import, Interface, Keyboard, Link, Sequence Template, Titler+ and Tool Palette.  Nothing at the top that gives an option to change User Profile.


    Not using any export presets.

  • Mon, Apr 1 2024 2:51 PM In reply to

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    Re: cannot export - please help!

    Hi Jay

    I dont see anywhere what version of MC First you are using.....  the latest is 2024.3.

    MC|First store the projects in your user My documents>MC First Avid Projects so check and make sure you have full permission on this folder. Do a get info and make sure it is set to read/write

    User guide - page 40

    Avid Projects and Avid Users Folders




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  • Mon, Apr 1 2024 7:10 PM In reply to

    Re: cannot export - please help!

    Hi Marianna,

    I am using version 2024.2 (for some reason, Avid Link not giving me the option to upgrade to .3)

    I checked and that folder does give permission to read/write.

  • Tue, Apr 2 2024 11:26 PM In reply to

    Re: cannot export - please help!

    I actually figured it out.  I found the settings folder on my Mac and threw out anything that could be corrupted:  all files/folders with my name on it, MC State, any settings folder/file. 

    Avid First is free so it's not like I destroyed anything. 

    Lo and behold, somewhere in there something was corrupted but Avid rebuilt it when I launched again and now I am able to export.

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