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  • Thu, Mar 21 2024 4:16 PM

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    Disable automatic invocation of Trim Mode?

    I very rarely use the Trim mode editor and when I do, I usually select it myself. Therefore it is a constant irritaion that MC automatically changes me into Trim mode when I don't want it. FGor example, if I have the cursor over a clip and press the "Go to next edit" shortcut, the cursor moes to where I want it and the system goes automatically into trim mode. If I don't want this (which is usual) I have to manually deselect trim mode - so having this mode offered to me 100 times a day when I don't want it far outweighs few occasions when automatic invocation might be useful. Is there any way to ask MC not to do this?

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  • Thu, Mar 21 2024 7:25 PM In reply to

    Re: Disable automatic invocation of Trim Mode?

    You should be aware there are two different ways to get the the next cut point. GoTo Next/Previous will take you there AND put you in trim mode, whereas traditional FFW/REW (<< / >>) wil take you to the previous/next cut point without invoking trim mode. 

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  • Fri, Mar 22 2024 11:44 AM In reply to

    Re: Disable automatic invocation of Trim Mode?

    go to next event, rather than go to next edit, will do what you want

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