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  • Tue, Feb 27 2024 1:45 PM

    2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Avid has been such a positive force in my work life and I am trying to find a couple features in Media Composer that I use simply and regularly in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    I take the whole AI thing and editing with a grain of salt but I use both Adobe PP and Avid regularly for the same types of projects. I am primarily an offline TV and Film Editor so my music and sound mixes are temp but really need to be pretty good to lock a show and send to producers. This always includes a temp music/sfx/graphics mix and and a dialogue edit and sweetning. Like I said I take the AI and editing thing with a grain of salt. At the end of the day you have to choose 3 points and edit but here are a few things your competition are doing and none of it requires purchasing expensive third party plugins and packages for hundreds and thousands (which I will not do) it is all in the Adobe Creative Cloud ie audio and video plugins and a apps that are fully integrated.  For a similair subscription price to Avid MC you get so much more. You don't pay more than the subscription price.

    I must say that Adobe PP doesn't come close to Avid in trim mode (which is the bomb) or Project and media management (which is the bomb). It is such a pain in the $%# to share assets among Adobe projects. Avid does it so well. Here are a few very practical simple things I do on Adobe PP that I am trying to find Avid equivalents for without having to go to a third party software or buy and expensive plugin. If there even is one. They are as follows:

    Adobe PP has an audio tool called "Remix" in PP which allows you to shorten or lengthen a full song to fit whatever length you want. The software calculates the edits. I must repeat this is for temp use. ie this music is stripped out upon lock and replaced by a pro. Exceptionally useful for me and a monumental time saver. It can be crude at times but easilly refinable. Does MC have same???

    The second thing they have and Adobe describes this as an AI tool is noise reduction. I get some tracks that are pretty noisey because you might be shooting next to costruction, airport,traffic etc. Most tracks are great but It's unavoidable. Adobe's denoising button does a remarkably good utilitarian job with a simple press of a button. Remember I am an offline editor. I have an Avid third party plug in which I paid extra for which is often crashy and very clunky to use. This feature is built into the Adobe editing software. Also there audio suite i pretty darn good.

    Does or can Avid do these two things as easily and cheaply and simply as I do on Adobe PP? I cannot find these two features in MC. Yes Avid has a noise reduction plug in but it is nowhere as good as the Adobe version. I know MC has things close to what I am asking for but does it have the ability to do exactly the same without going to a third party app or an expensive third party plugin.

    All the best and thanks for all your great help.

  • Wed, Feb 28 2024 4:51 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Having those built into Premiere is quite a good thing. Then again, Premiere won't let you use any third party plugins. If I have to choose, me, I'd prefer the extended capabilities of bringing in 3rd party plugins. Way more versatile.

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  • Thu, Feb 29 2024 6:03 PM In reply to

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    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Professionals who use tools in their occupation often use tools from a variety of manufacturers. Software, hardware, cameras, mics, recorders, etc. are rarely the same brand. Yes, Media Composer's Trim and Media Management are the very best, along with lots of other features. PP also has some great features, including the 2 audio ones you mention. I always try to use the best tool for job. I've been using Photoshop, After Effects, Audion, Boris FX, Resolve, Premiere Pro and Media Composer in perfect harmony for many years. It's also very easy to move files from one app to another these days. So my advice is to use them ALL to your best advantage! Subscription costs are so much lower than having to update even just one application in the past. If you use Photoshop and After Effects already, then it's definitely cheaper to go only with Adobe apps, but you'll be missing out on some features. Good luck!

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  • Thu, Feb 29 2024 9:27 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Thanks for your comment but I must say it's actually a pain in the behind and a big time waster to use multiple editing apps where one can do the job. If I have to export from one app and import into other app that's a deal. breaker and a massive big time waster. Are you suggesting exporting a show from Avid and importing it into Adobe just to use there sound tools and then eport it back??? No thanks. It just isn't feasible. Maybe if you are doing a 30 second commercial.

    So few responses. Do the people who work at Avid no longer read these posts.

    Seriously can no one give me an answer that might solve my issue?


  • Thu, Feb 29 2024 9:29 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Says here 276 peopel viewed my post. Really? 276 People ? Why so few answers of any value?

  • Fri, Mar 1 2024 8:03 PM In reply to

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    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Oh the Horror.....

    Thanks for this note and the one on the Remix tool.....   

    I have  shared this with the design team and it’s something on their radar as a useful feature. We don’t have any idea on timeline so check in periodically via my email address.


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  • Mon, Mar 4 2024 8:21 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Job what they got included is great and I need no more. The original question is does Avid have any pugins that do the same as I asked? I am not trying to compete I just want to know if Avid has a simple tool for extending and shortening the length of a piece of music as I described in my origianl post.



  • Mon, Mar 4 2024 8:23 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Thanks Marianne

    I fear this will never come. As far as I can see a fixed Titler + is still in the offing. The things I describe are so manumentally great for me that I am willing to work an Adobe PP to have them. 

  • Mon, Mar 4 2024 8:25 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    I don't want a third party plug in I don't want to spend more. What they got is great. Avid should do that also. I pay for both. One will have to go.

  • Tue, Mar 5 2024 9:58 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    which one do you expect to let go?  Will it be avid or will it be pp? which one will have more value for you?

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  • Wed, Mar 6 2024 12:36 PM In reply to

    Re: 2 Adobe PP features trying to find on Avid MC ?

    Love and respect Robert. All is good.

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