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  • Tue, Feb 6 2024 5:34 PM

    Post MC 2018, which version?

    Hello community.

    I'm a bit of a grumpy old man when it comes to updates, but I've just finished a project and think it's time I moved on from MC 2018

    I've heard that Avid MC 2020 and beyond is fairly buggy, can anyone recommend the most stable MC version post 2018?




  • Tue, Feb 6 2024 7:36 PM In reply to

    Re: Post MC 2018, which version?

    From one grumpy old man to another, in the words of Holly Johnson, relax don't do it...


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  • Tue, Feb 6 2024 11:15 PM In reply to

    Re: Post MC 2018, which version?

    Depends on what computer you are on.

    I'm on an intel-based Mac, running Sonoma, and 2023.12 is pretty solid for me.


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  • Wed, Feb 7 2024 5:53 PM In reply to

    Re: Post MC 2018, which version?

    Apparently there's an option to switch the interface so it looks like 2018... so at least I won't have to think about it!

  • Wed, Feb 7 2024 6:32 PM In reply to

    • jef
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    Re: Post MC 2018, which version?

    Things to consider.

    1. Are you dongle based or software based?  If dongle and you want to stay that way (see current license issues some people are having) and are on a Mac (which it seems you are) you can not use a dongle beyond Big Sur.  And 2023.12.0 ( the current version ) will work on that.  I am using that version on Big Sur and it has been ok.

    2. Do you need to be able to revise or create titles made on the old Title Tool, you need to stay with the final 2018.12.15 version (once again if you are on a Mac).  I have an Intel Mac and made Windows boot camp partition so that I could run 2018.12.15 on Windows as I need to be able to revise titles made in that world.


    PS: the following resource is very helpful when making these decisions:

    Avid DS 11.0.2 R.I.P | MC "Well, it depends ..." 2023.3.1 iMac w Big Sur and 2018.12.7 on Windows 10 Boot Camp [view my complete system specs]


    Jef Huey

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  • Wed, Feb 7 2024 6:55 PM In reply to

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    Re: Post MC 2018, which version?

    Can I be a grumpy old woman?  I'm old anyway.......

    Good points Jason and Jef......

    I looked in your MyAvid account Michael and I coudlnt tell 100% if you are dongle based but it looks like the activation ID you have is being used on software activation so my guess is NO DONGLE.  So you can use SW activation and not have to worry about anything related to a hardware key.

    The title tool is a bigger issue in that the newer Titler + just isnt there yet and with alpha and beta coming - it wont be much better until then.  Jef's setup looks like what you would want should you go the 2023.12 route.

    Chris Bove does the so it is 100% correct.  

    Ping me if you need any help - but you can also use the trial for 30 days to see how you like the new interface before you jump on it and upgrade.






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  • Thu, Feb 8 2024 9:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Post MC 2018, which version?

    Thanks so much communtiy for your responses, the always editing resource is very useful indeed


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