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    Media Composer 2022.12.7 is now available 11 Jan 2024

    Great news… Media Composer 2022.12.7 is now available in the Download Center (login and password required).


    Operating System:

    Windows 10 64-bit 22H2 or later (Professional and Enterprise)

    Windows 11 64-bit 22H2 or later (Professional and Enterprise)

    macOS 10.15.7, 11.x to 11.7, 12.x to 12.6 and 13.x to 13.4


    Status of Support Plan: The ability to launch the Media Composer v2022.12.7 software is dependent on the status of a customer’s Upgrade and Support Plan on the date this software version is released.


    Windows Install Note: (Windows) Before installing this release, you must manually uninstall the currently installed version of Media Composer on your system.


    What’s Fixed in v2022.12.7: Please review the ReadMe for the list of Bug fixes in Media Composer 2022.12.7.


    Bug Number: MCCET-4215. Opening a clip or sequence containing partially restored MPEG

    50 media files caused an "Exception: MXF_DIDMapperSegmented::ReadRange - End Sample

    Index exceeds on-disk Index Entry Count" error.


    Bug Number: MCCET-3897. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Using

    Consolidate/Transcode to convert clips before setting the Video Relink Method to "Highest

    Quality" in the Dynamic Relink Settings window caused the Data Track to link to the original

    AMA clip of the Avid OP-Atom media files.


    Bug Number: MCCET-4806. (MediaCentral | Production Management) Media Composer did

    not save MultiRez bin columns added with the Bin Column Selection menu.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5148. (macOS) Enabling or disabling SRT caused a pop-up window

    asking for the keychain password to recur.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5334. “<Error encoding string>" was displayed in the Bus Tab Name

    column for a Pro Tools Session exported from Media Composer and opened on a system set to a

    Japanese locale.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5363. (macOS) Media Composer failed to launch after an "Assertion

    failed" error appeared during the "Initializing Quality Manager" stage of the start-up process on

    systems running macOS Big Sur with MediaCentral | Production Management 22.3 components.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5031. Japanese text was not properly decoded in the "AMA Export via

    Distributed Processing" window on systems set to a Japanese locale.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5071. In some instances, Match Frame did not work properly if the

    timeline contained clips that differed from the project frame rate.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5254. Chinese fonts appeared as "Cannot display name" in the list of

    available fonts for the SubCap effect.


    Bug Number: MCCET-4271. Clips were slow to load if EUCON Controller was enabled.


    Bug Number: MCCET-4281. Source Browser could not link to TARGA (.tga) files and

    displayed a "Can't be Linked" message in the Plug-in column.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5329. After applying the 3D Warp effect to a clip, enabling Rotation,

    and setting its Z-axis to 90 degrees in the Effect Editor, attempting to manually resize the image

    using the Scale handles in the Composer window caused it to suddenly change size.


    Bug Number: MCCET-4952. (macOS) In some instances, audio drop outs, distortion and sync

    errors occurred without effecting video playback on Apple Silicon systems.


    Bug Number: MCCET-5269. (macOS) Closing the Effect Editor caused the Audio Mixer to

    change its mix mode from Live to Clip.


    ReadMe: The new ReadMe for Media Composer 2022.12.7 has been uploaded to the Media Composer 2022 Documentation page on the Knowledge Base.



    Mac Pro, Monterey, 64GB Ram. 1TB SSD system drive, 250Gb SSD external (media) drive. QHD Ultra wide, thunderbolt LG monitor, MC 2021.12 Pro Tools 2021... [view my complete system specs]
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