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  • Sat, Jun 3 2023 12:32 AM

    • rch
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    Filesystem Busy/Bin Save Failure

    When creating a new bin, getting a prompt saying

    'Filesystem busy, retrying (renaming temp bin to final bin)'

    which progresses and eventually gives up, with an error that follows, saying

    'BIN SAVE: failure renaming temp bin to final bin'

    Running MC 22.10 on Windows 10, NEXIS shared environment - only 1 system exhibiting issue.

    Also noticing Windows Explorer has to be manually refreshed to show changes like file deletion or rename. Not sure if this is a cause or a symptom - managed to solve that, but the issue persisted in MC, and then the Windows Explorer issue returned. Note: folders are created in Windows Exploer with the bin open, but this is a regular workflow, and these errors are recent.

    Tried blowing away the usual: user settings, site settings & MCState, but this did not resolve. Has anyone seen this before? I cannot find anything related online, and it seems pretty consistent, though not each project. Please let me know!



  • Sat, Jun 3 2023 8:21 AM In reply to

    Re: Filesystem Busy/Bin Save Failure


    Check that your network connection is 1Gb and not 100Mb. Check this while also pushing/pulling the network cable to expose a possible loose connection.

    Check that the hostname of the system is unique in the network. Also check there is no ip conflict with another system but that would cause a lot of issues so I would not expect that to be the case.

    If the system has multiple network cards in use make sure Nexis client is set to use only the one that is connected to the switch that is connected to the Nexis.


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  • Tue, Jun 6 2023 10:00 PM In reply to

    • rch
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    Re: Filesystem Busy/Bin Save Failure

    Hi Jeroen,

    I should add that this instance is run on a Virtual Machine, with a 10G connection to our NEXIS. 

    Hostname is uiniqe for each VM, as managed by our broker.

    Only one virtual Ethernet adapter in use.

    I saw a consistent return on a ping to our NEXIS, and the network adapter has the most up-to-date driver.

    The FIle Explorer issue I mentioned previously might be a symptom of this issue, caused by MC.

    Interestingly, it is not consistent. Some projects don't exhibit this behavior, but on those that do, after the 3rd try, we can create and save the bins. No illegal characters or filename length concerns, but I'm wondering if the fact that folders are created in the bins at the File Explorer level are causing issues with this version? 

    This is the behavior, step by step: create bin, immediately get a “file system busy” error and I’m able to “raise” where I have to save as. This bin also won’t save and I need to save a third. That one will work and the server has a random lock file for the first bin that didn’t create correctly

  • Thu, Sep 7 2023 9:13 AM In reply to

    • hopkinsa2
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    Re: Filesystem Busy/Bin Save Failure

    Regarding your question about folders created in the bins at the File Explorer level potentially causing issues with the version of Studio you are using, it's difficult to say for certain without more specific information basket random. However, it's worth considering that unusual file or folder structures can sometimes lead to unexpected behavior in software applications.

  • Tue, Feb 27 2024 11:32 AM In reply to

    • goncalo
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    Re: Filesystem Busy/Bin Save Failure

    Hi all.

    Was this issue fixed?

    We have a similar behaviour: several editors working on the same project. One of them is having a ReadDomainWithMobs Error when opening the project and then get's the FileSystem Busy error and cannot open te project. all the other ones are OK.

    Already deleted everything related to this machine/project and still the errors. No issues with the Projects Folders on the NEXIS (small Attic folder, enough space to save the project, etc...)

    Best regards.

  • Fri, Mar 1 2024 3:24 PM In reply to

    • cazzimir
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    Re: Filesystem Busy/Bin Save Failure


    Can be cause by Crowdstrike Endpoint security Crowdstrike 7.0.4 software.


    Try to delete the .lck file on each bins in the shared project
    and see if it's better


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