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    Re: Media offlines without any reason

    The folders can not be named 2-2 etc.  The "-" is not allowed.  Try changing to numbers only.


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    Re: Media offlines without any reason

    I've never had an issue making proxies in davinci. So long as you do it correctly and have it output op atom that goes straight into an avidmediafiles files folder, and you populate the bin in avid properly. 

    I have had issues with transcoded media being offline when having avid media files on external drives. Usually when changing machines and the drive letter changes or something. But relink (not AMA relink) has always worked in pointing it to the new drive letter. 

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    Re: Media offlines without any reason

    Krishito Gulua:

    Maybe, I am new to AVID, so everything can be. I will explain the whole process now.

    I have the Avid MediaFiles folder>MXF>and folders with the numbers like 1,2,2-2,3, and s.o. Inside of this folders I have my proxies. When I want to make an import of my proxies, I create a folder, than create a bin inside the folder in AVID, for ex: Day 22>Day 22 Cam A>Input>Source Browser>Day 22 aaf file>IMPORT(not link) and that's all. So maybe I still link them only and I don't understand it, but if it's so than what can be a solution in this situation ? 

    So long as they've been transcoded into avid compatible op atom in Davinci, and the only folders in avid media files are whole numbers, and I'd tend to use 100, 101 for such a thing, then everything should work if you populate the bin in avid correctly. 

    I don't use the source browser to bring anything into the bins. That's for AMA linking and importing files into the avid media files system, (legacy method of transcoding). I've already done the latter in davinci. I populate the bins by dragging the database file avid creates upon seeing the new folders into a bin. 

    Here's roughly what I do to create DNxHD proxies in davinci for use in avid:

    If you are using camera files for grading then start in davinci by importing files into media pool and getting project settings right. 

    Select all files I will be taking to avid and create new timeline. A timeline for each avid bin. I.e. day 1, day 2. 

    Add any databurn stuff you want to show on the transcoded footage in avid.

    On delivery page select avid op atom DNxHD 36 1080p. 

    Use source file names. Check video and audio settings. Choose avid media files folder to export to.

    Add to render queue. 

    Do same for all timelines/avid bins

    Select all on render queue and render. 

    Once exported turn off the burnt in stuff so it won’t show when I bring offline edit in and conform to camera footage. 

    Now you have a host of transcoded proxies in avid media files, organised into various folders, (101, 102, 103 etc), for every source footage bin you will be creating in Avid  

    2 - Create project in avid. Set project for right resolution, frame rate and colour space. Resolution will be the resolution of the video you will be offline editing with. 

    Avid will create database files for every folder with your proxy footage in.  

    Drag database file from every avid media files folder into the various bins to populate. 

    Once populated and organised, exit avid and do some housekeeping at explorer file level. Put all avid media files for the project in one folder and delete the rest. Also delete database so it will rebuild upon opening Avid again. Once the new database has been created for this new folder, you can add a name to go with the number on the avid media files folder (reason to use 101 and not 1). If ever rebuilding the database, you will need to change the folder names back to just numbers until it's been rebuilt. 

    At end of the offline, you will put all files from the 1 folder in avid media files into the named 101 folder. You will need to temporarily change the name of the folder to a number to have avid rebuild the database. Then you can put the name back and archive the project. 

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