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  • Tue, Apr 20 2021 1:10 PM

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    Relinking media of an old project

    I have a 2017 project with a lot of media, sometimes with redundant names, all the files in the project that I'm trying to restore have a "new.001" extention (

    The avid media captured when I edited this project have been erased, I just have the original files from the cameras.

    I have files shot with a 5Dmark3 camera and others shot with a Sony A7s camera.

    I tried all the relinking option with the sequence without results.

    I tried to relink every single master clip, Canon files appeared in the sequence, sony files didn't.

    Batch import doesn't work, it keeps saying unsupported media, MC can link and transcode this files but strangely can not import them.

    I'm on media composer 2020.12

    Is there anything I'm missing?


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  • Tue, Apr 20 2021 3:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Relinking media of an old project

    You can't relink the master clips because the master clips were linked to Avid managed media.

    With the sequence on its own in a bin use bin display and show reference clips to get a list of all the clips used in the sequence. Show source file and source path to give you the files needed and their original locations.

    Link all those clips into a fresh new bin.

    Now with that bin open (or those bins open) use relink and chose the second option relink to selected open bins to force the sequence to relink to those newly linked clips.

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    Re: Relinking media of an old project

    Plus you need to use the original plugin for linking.

    Possible that the old project used quiktime plugin and now you're using "Avid generic"

    You can check the plugin used in the old project either by ctrl+I (me thinks, on older version myself)
    or you can make a column for plugin in the a bin.

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  • Tue, Apr 20 2021 7:51 PM In reply to

    Re: Relinking media of an old project

    I’m following this thread with great interest. Forgive my question, which is possibly a tangent:

    Can we tell from an offline “.New” masterclip whether that clip was Consolidated or Transcoded, originally? If Transcoded to make an FPS change, would that explain a lack of Relinking back to its source file? Does MC Relink tool offer a way to address such a situation, within tbe “Relink to Selected” mode?

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  • Tue, Apr 20 2021 8:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Relinking media of an old project

    .new01 mean that it is a transcoded file, so the linking will be to that material not the origignal camera files. Is that media all on-line? 

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  • Wed, Apr 21 2021 5:16 PM In reply to

    • Darson
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    Re: Relinking media of an old project

    Thanks everybody for your input, I'll try again, indeed I wish it was easier relinking transcoded media...

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