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  • Mon, Oct 26 2020 10:35 AM

    • steve
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    Can't media tool DNX145 Footage from BM - Avid 2020.9

    Hi, hope someone can get me an answer, it's driving me nuts,

    i've got an issue since few month, i've done all the latest update of media composer, 2020.4., 6, 9.. on my main computer.

    at office, we got 4 computer, with composer 6.5 and 2019.


    on the set, we using blackmagic device, VIDEO ASSIST 5" setting up with DNXHD 145 MXF, the result is giving me, 3 files footage named Capture****.V1.mxf (for video) and 2 files A1, A2 for Audio.


    Anyway, at the office, or on older avid device, i'm using media tool, the files are detected as "DNXHD 120" files and everythings working.

    But, on my brand new computer, with latest avid, latest QT, and older DNX Codec Files (and also Blackmagic software for video assist), the files are detected as "Unsupported HD1080p" making Avid Crashes.

    With Error Message : "Exception: FATAL_ERROR, msg:Assertion failed: IndexDuration() <= IndexEntryCount(), file:e:\ws2\workspace\MC\release_Installer_Git\Win_Build\coresw\ame\src\msm\MXFMapperSegmented.c, line:254

    only way to import files is to reencode into media encoder and import classic way (or transcode for bigger files).

    I'm wasting so much time with all of these compression, not talking of losing data/quality in the process.

    Anyone got any idea ?





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  • Thu, Oct 29 2020 9:57 AM In reply to

    • Jakub V
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    Re: Can't media tool DNX145 Footage from BM - Avid 2020.9

    Maybe its "wrapped" in bad format... can u send me on file (1 video+2audio mxf) to test it?  - email: 123xyz(a) ? 

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  • Thu, Oct 29 2020 10:13 AM In reply to

    Re: Can't media tool DNX145 Footage from BM - Avid 2020.9

    Steve the current versions have updated DNx codecs as we nolonger use the datarate as the name its DNxHD LB SQ HQ HQX now. But it should still work with old media (you have more of an issue trying to go back to the old 6.5 systems)

    I would do a test if I were you. If you make a bit of DNx120 media on your Avid 6.5 system will that come into you new MC Version?

    Also happy to test a short piece of the Blackmagic media if you want to wetransfer a clip to me     pat at vet-training dot co dot uk

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  • Tue, Nov 17 2020 11:27 PM In reply to

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    Re: Can't media tool DNX145 Footage from BM - Avid 2020.9

    Ok, thanks for your replies.... (yeah, i've change account in between...find the ID of the old one)

    anyway, so i've run few test and confirm that the incompatibility come from the newest AVID who seems to not support anymore these old codec, so yeah, old DNX120 coming from Avid 6.5 or 8 are detected as unsupported

    The new version of Video Assist coming with the new DNXHR, but the old one we own are not supported anymore and don't have the update.


    So if you want to try few test this is a wetransfer with the following stuff :

    0000 - DNX 145 MXF

    0001 - DNX 145 MOV

    0002 - ApplePro Res

    0003 - DNX 220 MXF


    We are using the 145 MXF because it was fast to import, not too big (in compare of APR or DNX 220) just copy into AMF and media tool.

    And also because, I don't know why but I've never succes to record into DNX 45 (if anyone have an answer for that just for my personal knowledge)

    Keep me update thank you :-)

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  • Wed, Nov 18 2020 8:24 AM In reply to

    • Vilem
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    Re: Can't media tool DNX145 Footage from BM - Avid 2020.9


    I performed an experiment in MC2020.10.

    MOV files are easily connected via an AMA link.

    Both MXF versions, stored in the MC media structure, show "Unsupported (HD1080p)" and do not play. AMA link the same.


    EDIT: Unsupported format is AMA link.

    When you try to insert an MMOB from a folder with MXF files, an error occurs:

    * Exception: FATAL_ERROR, msg: Assertion failed: IndexDuration () <= IndexEntryCount (), file: e: \ ws2 \ workspace \ MC \ Release_Installer_Git \ Win_Build \ coresw \ ame \ src \ msm \ MXFMapperSegmented.c, line: 254

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