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  • Mon, Dec 11 2017 4:31 PM

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    NVidia Quadro or G-force?

    Found an article on SGO Mistika's website.Contains their thoughts on the question. Thought some here may find it interesting.

    As always, YMMV


    On a related point, anybody here try Mistika & have any thoughts worth sharing?


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    Re: NVidia Quadro or G-force?

    I just finished researching parts for a new PC.  The arguments came down largely in favor of Nvidia GeForce cards.  Specifically, I ordered a 1070 GT.  My reasons:

    1. Avid has not specified in any way that one type of card works best with Media Composer's engine.  In fact, when asked about video cards, the response has usually been something like, "Video cards have almost no effect at all in MC performance. Buy more RAM".

    2. Even if MC did work a little better with a Quadro card, the speed in the UI is really not going to be a big deal. The real speed improvements will be seen in either rendering, or transcoding in Sorenson Squeeze.  I have no information on rendering, however the GeForce card I ordered apprently transcodes MUCH faster than a similarly priced Quadro within Squeeze. If true, that's a big deal. I guess I'll find out when my parts come.

    3. Literally any other software I use will be faster with a similarly-priced GeForce card. 

    To me, it seemed like a no-brainer. At least on paper.

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    Re: NVidia Quadro or G-force?

    I can say that the argument for the Quadro card largely has to do with the program using it. FWIU, Maya does take advantage of the advantages that a Quadro card has. Clearly Mysika does too, after reading the OP.

    But I've never heard of any advantage of using a Quadro in Resolve, Premiere or After Effects. And I've never heard of any image degredation caused by using a GeForce card.


    As for Mistika, I've heard great things about it and that it works very well with Avid AAF's. But I've never used it.

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