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  • Tue, May 16 2017 8:46 PM

    • John Mac
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    Project folder default

    Hi I have a client desperate to change default file location for either Avid Projects or Attic backup. Is this possible on a Mac? Thank you  

    John M


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  • Wed, May 17 2017 4:17 PM In reply to

    Re: Project folder default

    You would use "External" from the Select project folder and navigate to the folder you would use.

    "Private" goes to your home folder, "Shared" goes to your Shared folder.

    And I believe the Attic will follow your selection. (At least it does when I use "External" on a networked drive.)

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    -- Kevin

  • Thu, May 18 2017 1:52 PM In reply to

    • cccu tech
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    Re: Project folder default

    We set up our workstations to move everything like this off to a non boot drive/partition, so yes this is totally possible.  It's not that straight forward though, i.e. you can't do it in Avid (that I'm aware of).

    Kevin is correct in terms of selecting "External" for your project, but our Attic still stays local (in the default directory) unless we are using Avid Style spaces on our EditShare.

    Otherwise, the most robust way to do this for "Private" and "Shared" projects, and the Attic, is to use "symlinks" - symbolic links - to redirect everything to a different location.  If the location disappears, or moves, the (sym)link will be broken so the location you are redirecting to needs to be permanent (like a second hard drive, or partition) and not dynamic (pen drive, portable hard drive, networked share) lest you have it attached everytime Avid is running.

    The command to create a link is:

    ln -s /path/to/original/ /path/to/link

    To remove it is:

    unlink /path/to/symlink/

    Symlinks are basically like shortcuts on steroids and it's important to note that removing/deleting the symlink does not delete the files, it just removes the shortcut if you will.

    Hope that helps!

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