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  • Mon, Feb 6 2017 7:08 PM

    Pulldown Extraction

    I know I've seen this covered before, but, now that I need the information, a forum search or google search brought me nothing useful. So, if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. And please forgive me if I'm flogging a dead horse ("Media Composer" + "flogging a dead horse," interestingly, brings up 82 discrete hits on Google).

    I shot last weekend with an old consumer HDV camera (the Canon VIXIA HV40). I had it set for 23.976 fps, or, rather, to something called 24F, which I remembered—apparently incorrectly— as being true 23.976 (herewith to be referred to as 24). But I can't capture it in a 24 fps project. I get the two error messages at the bottom of this post.

    If I attempt to capture into a 29.97 project, it does so happily and I get something interlaced and with duplicated frames suggesting a 2:3 pulldown. I am capturing, by the way, via HDMI through the Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K.

    I had other, newer, better cameras on this shoot capturing at 24 and I would like my project to be in 24. So, my question, finally, is can I, and if so how do I, convert my HDV footage to true 24 fps. I am willing to sacrifice the audio, but would like the footage to remain at correct speed so I can sync it to my master audio. Obviously, if I could keep the original audio to aid in manually syncing, that would be great, but, again, not a deal breaker. And I am prepared to capture the footage and then do the conversion outside of Media Composer if that's the best option.




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  • Tue, Feb 7 2017 1:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Pulldown Extraction

    If memory serves, the "24F" option in that camera shoots a 24p look at 29.97 that cannot be pulled down to 23.98.  I had a HUGE issue with this on two episodes of a TV show that was shot with this initially, and we had to eventually just deliver 29.97.

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