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  • Fri, Jul 8 2016 8:40 AM

    Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!

    When BWAVs come in and often have mic labels already set, I'd love to be able to pass those onto my track renames!


    But i'd want it with custom renaming ability.


    If the sound mixer named a mic "BryLav"


    I want to have a way to convert all "BryLav"'s to "Bryan LAV" (my own formatting). 


    I currently do this by hand with a combination of ClipMenu (3rd party software), and QuicKeys (3rd party software) using macros and clipboard, and text edit.


    It works alright, but it seems crazy to not be able to pass that metadata right into track naming for sync clips.



    In my Sync Clips I usually have my audio tracks labeled as such


    A1 MixL

    A2 MixR

    A3 BOOM 1

    A4 BOOM 2

    A5 Bryan LAV

    A6 Robin LAV


    etc , Obviously depending on the clip itself.


    I do have to make sure I type in the track number to keep that in name. 



    There must be a way to automate this. Especially if I could select a buch of sync clips and run this function on all of them. Upon running the function, being able to type in my "lookup table" for naming convention conversions would be amazing.



    For now macros and clipboard do the trick with a little extra work.





  • Thu, Jul 21 2016 5:26 PM In reply to

    • Marty
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    Re: Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!

    Hi, I just wrote that feature request "show audio track labels in timeline"

    How do you use the track names, only to see the information in the bin or do you know a way to see it in the timeline for subclips, also?




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  • Thu, Jul 21 2016 6:33 PM In reply to

    Re: Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!

    If Clip Text allowed you to select any bin column, standard or custom, that would help, no? Although your request would allow for the feature to present text from different columns for different source tracks.

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  • Wed, May 3 2023 11:56 AM In reply to

    • fss_
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    Re: Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!



    did you ever got any useful solution ? I would love that feature right now ...

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  • Sat, Nov 4 2023 3:18 PM In reply to

    • Kingsride
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    Re: Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!

    Revealing the track name metadata on the timeline is apprently a feature in MC 2023.

    I haven't tried it myself as 2023 loses an important fix I need from a 2022 patch I'm using. 

    What you can't do however is reveal the track names in either the timeline 'switch tracks' menu or by right clicking a track in a muticam group. I've requested this feature directly as it would mean finding and selecting a specific named track much easier. 


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  • Tue, Nov 28 2023 5:31 PM In reply to

    Re: Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!

    Resolve actually displays clip names beautifully with track metadata (info) as assigned by the field mixer when recording.  



    A1:  111023T01.WAV - MixL

    A2:  111023T01.WAV - MixR

    A3:  111023T01.WAV - Mike

    A4:  111023T01.WAV - Doris

    A5:  111023T01.WAV - Boom


    Having this in Media Composer would be fantastic.  We are currently running 2323.8.2 and have not figured out a way to show this on audio tracks in timeline.  Current audio track text appers to be limited to the clip name + take -- i.e. "111023/01"

    Enabling the ability to select metadata from certain columns would accomplish this, but would be a bit cumbersome.  Easy access to toggle on basic track info as assigned by the mixer would be handy.  



  • Thu, Apr 11 2024 7:08 PM In reply to

    • chuckkahn
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    Re: Auto rename audio tracks from metadata!


    Revealing the track name metadata on the timeline is apprently a feature in MC 2023.


    What version?

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