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  • Tue, May 3 2016 3:39 PM

    Out of sync - .sync subclips in UX



    We are having an issue where in .sync clips checked into the UX play out of sync, by quite a margin. The thing is double clicking on a .sync clip in the UX actually plays the clip in sync, it's as soon as you place the subclip into a sequence that the audio drifts and on one occassion the video in points did not match the in points set at the source monitor. 

    Now the .sync clips are perfectly in sync in the Avid and again in the source monitor in the UX, it is only once they are placed in a sequence for a sync pool that they play out of sync.

    I should also add that a fix seems to be once placing a new clip to the sequence, loading another sequence then loading your sequence again, or signing out and signing back in again and the sequence plays fine, perfectly in sync, it only throws it out of sync again by adding a new subclip to it.

    The media is XAVC Intra. Shot on what I think is a Sony F55. We have had .sync clips before in the UX with not issue, but I'm not 100% sure if this was XAVC material.

    we are using Avid 8.4.5. with UX 2.5

    It can't be a bandwidth issue as it plays fine in the source monitor. The Master clips are being recording mute and we sync them with WAVS recorded on location using the autosync feature in Avid.

    Any ideas?

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