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  • Fri, Sep 19 2014 11:35 PM

    • rominarey
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    Adding Another Editor To One Project

    Hi All,

    I am freelance editor with my own set up and I was wondering how to go about adding another machine so that multiple editors are able to work on the same project. 

    I am working on a documetary and while I'm putting things together, we are still getting archival footages, pictures and interviews that need to be either imported or transcoded into the project. Is there an easy or cost effective way to set this up? I know Avid Isis or SANs are an option but is there a recommended way to this on a lighter budget. 

    I also have a second question. For storage, as we are running out of that as well, can I daisy chain another 4TB HD to my existing 4TB drive and make that a sort of raid or how will avid know to continue to crate avid media files in the next available external HD?

    I appreciate the help. This my first time taking on a doc and could use all the help and tips I can get.

    Oh I'm working on Avid 5.5 and Lion just in case.



  • Fri, Sep 19 2014 11:53 PM In reply to

    Re: Adding Another Editor To One Project

    Well...unless you have an ISIS or Facillis Terrablock or other shared storage solution that works with Avid MC, you'll have to clone your media drive, and copy the project file. And any new footage that's added, you'll have to copy over to the other drive too, with the new bins. And you'll have to be very meticulous about this...not missing a thing.  

    Then you can swap bins to get each others latest cut.  

    That is the cost effective and easy way. The other way is expensive, and requires knowledge of how to manage a shared storage solution. I have assistants that manage that for me.

    There have been companies that teased cheaper solutions, but none have really come to fruition, that I know of.

    YOu can daisy Chain Firewire...and thunderbolt...but not USB.  So if you have the first two, you are fine. And you can tell Avid which drive to add media to and render to in your MEDIA CREATION settings.

  • Sat, Sep 20 2014 8:09 AM In reply to

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    Re: Adding Another Editor To One Project

    If you do go down the route of simply sharing drives, you'll have the problem that, if both Media Compsers can see the same drive,  as MC 1 adds media to the drive, MC 2 will detect the change and will spontaneously scan and re-index the media files folder - and vice-versa.

    This can get pretty annoying, as it's not just adding new clips that triggers this, but rendering effects too. 

    I'd bite the bullet and look into hiring some 'proper' inexpensive shared storage such as EditShare.

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    • Bruno M
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    Re: Adding Another Editor To One Project

    I was wondering how to go about adding another machine so that multiple editors are able to work on the same project.

    Hi Romina,

    Working on the same project can mean a number of different things. At a very basic level it's two totally independent edit suites, working with similar media, right up to a full ISIS system with shared media and project files. As with most people who have multiple edit stations, you're trying to achieve the full ISIS flexibility without the price tag.

    As already stated, trying to simply share storage on something like a NAS or SAN with bring conflicts with Avid's media databases, but the problem is also there with the project files. It's not difficult to see that you cannot have multiple users writing to the same files at the same time, and operating systems like Windows or Mac OS have strict permission rules to stop this happening.

    I'm in a similar situation to yours, and I found it best just to keep the suites separate and copy over any new media/bins/sequences from one suite to the other, as needed. When new media is ingested in one suite, we either consolidate it onto a new drive/partition or we re-name Avid's media folder 1 (where all the current media resides) to another number, create a new medai folder 1, and ingest the new media. Since Avid always puts new media into this folder (as long as the media count is less than around 4000) it's a simple job to copy it over to the other suite. We use a NAS where the media is sent as a holding area, so that the other suite can have access to the new media. When bringing in the new media to the other suite, we always use a new media folder number. this helps to keep things organised and stops media duplication. We always delete the two exisiting database files when bringing media in, and allow Avid to rebuild them.

    As far as the sequences are concerned, we tend to put any new material such as archive on a higher video track, as this makes it easy for the other editor to see what's been added.

    As to your question about drives, you don't mention what sort of storage you have. The previous advice is good for single drives, but you cannot just add extra drives to an existing RAID to increase capacity. Generally, disks in RAID 0 or RAID 5 (the most likely levels for editing) would require you to delete the current RAID, thus destroying the exisiting data. There are some proprietary RAID levels that exist on some makes of NAS (Netgear's XRAID2 for example) that do allow you to non-destructively add extra disks, but I don't think any of the normal add-in RAID cards (from ATTO etc) have this feature.



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    • rominarey
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    Re: Adding Another Editor To One Project

    Thank you Shane, Mikey and Bruno for your help in this. I think if we do decide to bring another editor in we will just do the duplcation of media on different edit bays as Bruno suggested and be very meticlous as to how we organize the media as Shane said.

    But thanks for all your responses. Fingers crossed I get through this doc! :)

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