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  • Mon, Jul 28 2014 10:31 PM

    What is: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.

    I was in the midst of editing a 50 minutes long project when the system froze and avid note appeared reading: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.
    Clicking OK caused the system to crash.
    Problem Report for Avid Media Composer, pops up on the screen with a long list of numerical figures that mean nothing to me.
    Clicking reopen get me back to square one.
    It gets me back to the project and the crash happens all over again. What I suppose to do?
    The other projects on the system seems to start fine.
    I'm using Mac Pro v10.6.8
    MC v5.0.4.4


  • Tue, Jul 29 2014 4:47 AM In reply to

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    Re: What is: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.

    Have a look in this thread - you might find hte answer...

    Otherwise do a search on the forums - I think there are other threads. Also search the Avid knowledge base on the main site.

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    Can we go back to the way audio nodes used to be selected? Please? ie if you have audio nodes at the same time on selected tracks; then selecting 1 audio node selects them all at that time. Having to shift select nodes or add an in and out is time consuming and counter productive. At least make it an option.

  • Tue, Jul 29 2014 8:20 PM In reply to

    Re: What is: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.

    Problem solved in few stages.
    1. Turn off the whole system.
    2. Turn on the computer ( not the external drives)
    3. Start Avid Composer
    4. Start up the project.
    5. This time the project will open normally accept the data is off- line .
    6. Change the scene on the time line, move around the play-head, or what ever on your mind,  (as long as you change the last move that created the problem)
    and save it.
    7. Quit Avid, turn off the computer
    8. Turn on the external drives
    9. Turn on the computer
    10. Start Avid composer
    11. Start your project: "WALLAH", good luck with your edit

  • Wed, Jul 30 2014 10:28 PM In reply to

    Re: What is: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.

    The real issue with a Bus Error is that it is not necessarily caused by the last thing you did. (ie, "all I did was hit play and it crashed"). Bus Errors seem to be the eventual result of a lot of little issues that go unnoticed during the course of using the software.

    think of it like building a house of cards, it may fall down when you place the 2 of hearts on the stack one time, but placing the 2 of hearts the next time will be just fine. I have no doubt you will encounter this error again

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  • Wed, Jul 30 2014 11:21 PM In reply to

    Re: What is: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.

    The question is when you stuck with this kind of problem, is how to solve it and resume with the project as soon as possible.

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    Re: What is: "Bus error" in thread "Main Thread" at address 0x0.

    Here's a few ideas that may help:

    Holding the Alt (Option) key as the Project opens will open it with all Bins closed. Then you can re-open each and see where the problem may lie.

    If your Sequence (or a clip within it) is causing the problem a trip to the Attic may be necessary to get the last good saved version of the Bin.

    You can reset the position indicator to the first frame of the Sequence before loading it by selecting it (not double-clicking) in the Bin and pressing the Home key.

    You can narrow down where the problem lies in your sequence by disabling tracks (ie not monitoring them in v5), and by marking In/Out marks and using Play In-Out (6 on the keyboard) to play just the marked section.



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