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  • Mon, Dec 2 2013 7:53 AM

    Rendering Effects on Sub Clips - MC7

    We currently have a significant issue - trying to render effects on Sub Clips created in MC7 - workflow detailed below:

    Hours of footage recorded on Samurai Blade SSDs creates big DNxHD120 QTs.  We link to these via AMA in MC7

    We then create Sub Clips and consolidate these to an external Hard Drive at DNxHD120 - we then have these clips on the Hard Drive to edit with.

    In MC6.5 we can then add an effect (overlaying a QT graphic with alpha channel on V2) and render it - it shows as rendered and plays no problem.

    In MC7 we can play all ther footage and have no issues until it comes to the render.  Avid actually goes through all the normal processes of rendering but the clip remains unrendered on the timeline and will not play properly.  If we plug the drive into MC6.5 the timeline shows that the effects are rendered and they play no problem.

    This is the case on both two MC7 Laptops running MC7.0.2

    Other than re-install we have gone through every other process - new project, new user, new settings, deleted databases, deleted MCState file, site settings, site attributes and project settings.

    We can do a video mixdown - this creates the layers in one track no problem, so play out will be possible.  But this is not a workable option for actually editing and not being able to see our effects play properly.

    So - is this really the case that MC6.5.4 wil render the effects on subclips but MC7 will not...?

    Any thoughts please let us know....

    Many thanks



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    • r.squared
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    Re: Rendering Effects on Sub Clips - MC7

    Same problem. Must be a bug. Tried everything, even re-install. AVID please fix this problem.



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    Re: Rendering Effects on Sub Clips - MC7

    Just curious...

    When you run into this issue with un-rendered effects (after you do in fact render), if you quit the app and relaunch, when you re-open the project are the effects rendered?


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    -- Kevin

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    • r.squared
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    Re: Rendering Effects on Sub Clips - MC7

    No, the effects are not rendered when I re-open. What is also odd is when I make a Quicktime reference file the reference file plays. Which means they are in fact rendering just not showing or playing rendered on the timeline.

    Just a note, I am on a pc 7.0.2, so this is occuring across platforms.


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    Re: Rendering Effects on Sub Clips - MC7

    Hi Kevin,

    Relaunch, restart, unplug everything - the effects remain unrendered.  Plug the drive into a laptop with MC6.5.4, open the project and the timeline is fully renedered.

    My timeline also has XDCamHD50 footage shot on a PDW700 and SonyF5 footage transcoded via AMA - any effects on this are rendered on any MC version.  Any clips we've digitised directly off HDCam are fully renedered - the only things that wont render, and on the timeline there's a lot of them, are the sub clips.

    We mastered to HDCam tape today having done a video mixdown, and this episode is done - it's all good.  We move on to the next episode tomorrow and have the same problem to look forward to - editing without being able to see effects properly because they're on subclips really isn't ideal.

    Any ideas welcome - but our tests, and there's been a lot of them today, totally point towards an inability to render sub clips in MC7 - we can even subclip media that as a clip will hold a render, put the same effect on the sub clip, and it wont render in MC7 - open in MC6.5.4 and it's all good.....

    Let me know, 


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    Re: Rendering Effects on Sub Clips - MC7

    I have a similar problem,
    I do not use sub clips.
    Some effects do not always render (or avid says that renders, but then the effect is not be rendered). It happened to me at some subtitles and dissolve in one sequence. The solution was to re-create the effect. Then, the effect was always render.
    The problem is that when you export a QT reference not be rendered effects that are not present in QTref. Avid when exporting not announce an error (says that renders effects) and the only reliable solution is videomixdown.


    1080i50 project.

    P. S. I noticed that this is MAC forum. (Searching via google Smile  ) I'm on the PC.

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