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  • Mon, Oct 28 2013 12:22 PM

    Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    I have recently upgraded to MC7.2 on a Mac and use G-Tech G-Rain external hard drives as my external media drives, as I have done for years - I am currently working on an 8TB drive that is for an ongoing year long project that currently has about 1TB of HD media imported/transcoded from XDCamHD as XDCam50, or from HDCam at DnxHD120

    I am constantly having an issue after editing for about over an hour - I cannot render any effects, import any media or digitise anything - I get several different errors, all linked to the Creating Folder.  I have 3 MXF files in my Media Files/MXF on the external drive, and MXF3 holds the Creating Folder.

    For example - just now I have tried to render some effects and get: "Exception: 'DISK_UNIX_ERROR' and names MediaFiles/MXF/3 as the source of the problem - I then cannot delete the "Creating" Folder in the file MXF3 until I re-boot the system.  So I have to quit Avid, restart, delete the Creating Folder, open Avid again, and off we go - until next time.

    I have to go through this process many many times a day - it's painful.

    Does anyone else experience this issue...?  Can anyone shed any light on why this may be happening - it's wasting a lot of time, and has become rather tiresome...!  It has been happening since i upgraded a couple of months back (uninstalled previous version, new settings etc etc)

    Let me know, thanks


  • Mon, Oct 28 2013 1:18 PM In reply to

    Re: Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    It could be a fauty or corrupt File System.  Run "Repair Disk" from within Disk Utilities on that volume.

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  • Mon, Oct 28 2013 4:37 PM In reply to

    Re: Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    Hi Randall,

    Thanks for the prompt response - I should have mentioned that I had already gone down that route - I have just run a Repair Disk from the Disk Utility again to make sure and it comes back with a green "The volume appears to be OK"  -  So am guessing this is not the issue.  Any other ideas very welcome....

    Many thanks


  • Mon, Oct 28 2013 5:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    What is the full path to your media drive folders? 

    You use "files" and "folders' a bit interchagably...are you saying you have 3 numbered FOLDERS in your MXF folder?

    You can try renaiming these folders to different numbers, and any new files will be be created in a new "1" folder the system will make.

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  • Tue, Oct 29 2013 9:48 AM In reply to

    Re: Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    Hi Kevin,

    Apologies for the confusion - posting while trying to edit..!

    The full paths are:  

    External Hard Drive / Avid Media Files / MXF / 1

    External Hard Drive / Avid Media Files / MXF / 2

    External Hard Drive / Avid Media Files / MXF / 3

    So there are currently three different folders holding media folders, numbered 1 to 3 - they all have database files, which I have also deleted and re - scanned on several occassions - the folder MXF / 3 currently holds the Creating folder

    Hope that clarifies - any thoughts...?



  • Tue, Oct 29 2013 11:13 AM In reply to

    Re: Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    That would imply folders 1 & 2 are now filled to Avids working capacity and media creation has moved to folder 3 (which should work just fine)

    You coudl rename folder 1 to folder 10 and then see what happens. Avid should make a new empty folder 1 and create media in there.


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    Re: Creating Folder causing big issues - MC7

    You don't have Spotlight indexing the drive or Time Machine running do you?

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