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Unable to find what you are looking for in the Knowledge Base? Ask a fellow Avid user. Have a neat workaround you wish to share with others? Post it to the forums and the Tips and Tutorials section of . Whether you are a new to Avid editing or a seasoned professional, become part of the Avid Community. The Avid forums are peer-to-peer discussions of Avid products. From How to's, to installing & upgrades, and troubleshooting to what gear to buy, join fellow Avid users as they share their insight to what works best for them.

Meet the moderators

The community Forums are lead by customer moderators who can willing provide their knowledge and experiences, answer questions, provide advice and share their passion with other Avid professionals from across the world. In the Avid community forums these dedicated moderators volunteer their personal time and share their considerable knowledge and experience with all of you, to let you know that they are offering the best advice and direction possible. While they may not have the answers to all your questions, our moderators are here to help in any way they can and provide access to Avid. Due to the vast amount of traffic on the community forums, Avid relies on these moderators to bring the latest and most important information directly to Avid. So when you do get a chance to interact with the moderators, be sure to thank them for their time and efforts on your behalf.

Avid Moderators...

  • Foster a sense of community, caring and responsiveness in their assigned forum. This can be done easily by getting involved in discussions, responding to posts (especially those no one else responds to them), and offering support.
  • Monitor their assigned forum for abusive posts, unauthorized spam or advertisements, copyright infringements, any sort of harassment, and any other violations of our community forum guidelines (below). Also, bring critical technical and support/service issues to Avid's attention.
  • Moderators will have the ability to cross-post messages to all forums that they moderate (if they moderate more than one).
  • Participate in communications with the Avid personnel who monitor and watch the forums.
  • And more.

Everyone within the Avid community benefits from moderators and all efforts will not go unnoticed. Moderators will be doing others a great deal of good and will have the undying gratitude of our community. They will also be helping you to build one of the best and most active communities and information resource sites for Avid video and film editors.

Become a moderator

To apply to be an Avid Community Forum moderator, send your login name and the name of the forum you want to moderate, along with the reason why you would make a contribution to that forum (what qualities or experience you may have), to our [email protected]. If there are openings in the forum and your application is approved, Avid will assign your login name moderator privileges. Either way you will be notified within 3 business days.

Note: The Avid Community Forums are not an official customer support channel for Avid. If customers require direct assistance or prefer to contact Avid support staff directly, please use our premium support programs - Avid Support or the Avid Knowledge base.

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