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How To Change the Frame Rate of a P2 clip

Maximize your P2-workflow knowledge!  In this video, learn how to change the frame rate of a P2 clip using DVFilm's MXFX, and edit with it in Avid Media Composer.


 Video Text:

I’m Bob Russo with Avid Technology. Today I’m going to talk about how to change the frame rate and frame size of P2 clips using DVFilm’s MX – FX for use in the Media Composer.
In this example I’m working in a 1080i – 59.94 project and have a virtual P2 card with clips that were shot using a variable frame rate.
I can import the P2 clips into a bin but when I try to play the clip, I receive an error message that the frame rate doesn’t match the projects frame rate.
To change the frame rate and frame size of the clip to match my project I’ll use MX-FX.
Select Options, the options box opens. Since my clip is 23.976, I need to add 3:2 pulldown, change the frame rate to 29.97, and convert the frame size to 1920X1080.
Select OK.
I’ll drop the clip from my virtual P2 card into the window and select start.
MX – FX will create a new virtual P2 card that will retain the meta data from the original card.
Depending on the host computer and exactly what process is being performed, this could take two to four times the length of the clip.
Once it’s done I’ll go back to the Media Composer an import the clip from the new virtual P2 card MX – FX just created.
The clip imports and can play in my project 1080i – 59.94 project with the variable frame rate intact.
And that’s how to change the frame rate of a P2 clip for use in the Avid Media Composer.

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