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How To Change Audio Speed without Affecting Pitch

Avid makes it easy to dynamically change the speed of audio in the Timeline, without affecting its pitch. This results in a virtually undetectable speed-up or slow-down, so that you can accurately match all of your audio and video tracks.  Watch this video to learn more, a transcription of my narration is posted below the video.

I’m Bob Russo, the media education evangelist for Avid Technology. Today I’m going to talk about the Time Shift Audio Suite Plug-in.

A common problem for editors is when the narration doesn’t fit the time allotted. As you can see in this example, the narration is too long. Instead of re-editing the spot, I’ll use the Time Shift Audio Suite Plug-in to get this to fit.

Select Tools, AudioSuite, the AudioSuite opens and select Time Shift from the menu. Click on the plug icon to activate the plug-in and adjust the parameters. Adjust the Shift menu in the Time parameter. Since we just need to speed the audio up by about a second. I’m going to choose a percentage just above real-time speed. Let’s start with 104%. Select Render, and OK. This will increase the speed of the audio but maintain the pitch so it’s difficult to detect. You can see from the waveform that the audio is now the correct length. And it sounds great.

This is just one use for the Time Shift Audio Suite plug-in.

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