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This blog is the work of Steve Cohen. I’m a motion picture editor working in Los Angeles.
  • Media Composer 7.0.2

    Posted Sep 11 2013, 03:55 PM by Steve Cohen
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    Avid released Media Composer 7.0.2 yesterday. The new version includes dozens of bug fixes (the ReadMe file lists over 70) and should be considered by anybody currently using MC 7.0. All Avid Downloads / Media Composer Downloads / 7.0.2 and ReadMe Read More...
  • Avid Retires DS

    Posted Aug 07 2013, 03:54 PM by Steve Cohen
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    Avid has announced that DS, or Digital Studio, formerly from SoftImage, and much beloved by a select group of finishing editors, is now at End of Life. They will support it with bug fixes for another year, but after that, it’s history. They are giving DS 11 customers a license to MC (but not Symphony), […] Read More...
  • Avid Releases Media Composer 7

    Posted Jun 27 2013, 11:45 PM by Steve Cohen
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    Avid released Media Composer 7 today. The new version offers many AMA improvements and background processing functions (via a Java implementation), including long awaited background waveform generation and caching. A quick video showing off some of the new media management features is here. New features include: Background audio waveforms. Background transcoding. Drag and drop AMA […] Read More...
  • Video from the Avid Booth

    Posted Apr 10 2013, 11:49 PM by Steve Cohen
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    Here’s a very useful 20 min video of an MC7 demo done by Corey Tedrow and Michael Krulik at NAB. It makes many of the new features a whole lot clearer. One nice surprise — waveforms are now cached by the system, something that hasn’t been in the press releases. Click the image to play [...] Read More...
  • Avid Announces Media Composer 7 for $999

    Posted Apr 08 2013, 03:34 PM by Steve Cohen
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    Avid announced MC7 at NAB today. Along with some important new features, the upgrade features a major price drop: MC is now just $999 and the Symphony color corrector (with universal mastering) can be added as a $1500 upgrade. New Features Include: A Master Audio Fader to adjust overall levels. Quick access to clip gain [...] Read More...
  • Audio Keyframe Features in 6.5 — Video

    Avid has just released a video describing the new audio keyframe features in MC 6.5. It’s concise, well-produced, very informative and blessedly free of the marketing hype that you sometimes see in productions like this. For me, you don’t need any more reason than this to upgrade. Read More...
  • Avid Releases MC 6.5

    Posted Sep 08 2012, 03:53 PM by Steve Cohen
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    Avid released Media Composer and Symphony 6.5 yesterday. Details are in this press release, and in this new features page. The What’s New pdf is here. The new version offers several new features for file based delivery (JPEG 2000, AS-02 archives and AMA writeback), but the changes that will appeal most to working editors lie [...] Read More...
  • Amazon Discounts Avid Agility

    I’m happy to announce that Amazon has reinstated its usual discounts on “Avid Agility.” You can now get the new third edition for about 27% off the cover price. That beats the discounted price at CreateSpace and includes free shipping. If you are frustrated by the limits of Avid’s documentation, you need this book. Details [...] Read More...
  • Avid Agility – Print & Kindle – Now at Amazon

    The latest edition of Avid Agility, my book about Avid Media Composer, is now available from Amazon. If you’re looking to make the most out of Media Composer 6, you’re going to love this book. Filled with detailed screen shots, it offers a concise, visual, and easy-to-understand look at how to use the system — [...] Read More...
  • That Post Show Rated #1

    Brian Mulligan, writing for PremiumBeat.com, has been listening to the many podcasts now covering new media and post production and has given his highest rating to Kanen Flowers’ “That Post Show.” I’m proud to be a participant. A new show just went live, featuring me and Mark Spencer from Ripple Training. If you’re looking for [...] Read More...
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