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The Future of Media – Now it’s Personal

Only published comments... Dec 13 2012, 12:00 AM by Adrian Drury

The following is a first in a series of three blog posts from Adrian Drury, Lead Analyst, Media & Broadcast Technology & Services, Ovum Research, that will cover some key findings from a survey conducted in August 2012. Ovum, in association with Avid, conducted an independent survey of 200 senior broadcast, pay-TV and studio technology and operations executives to take a reading of where these industry leaders saw the industry going, and how fast.


Do you have an audience or do you have customers? If the answer is the latter, you’re ready for the massive growth in multi-screen video consumption. If the answer is the former, let’s talk.



In July and August 2012, in association with Avid, Ovum conducted an independent survey of 200 senior broadcast, pay-TV and studio technology and operations executives to take a reading of where these industry leaders saw the industry going, and how fast. The good news is that the vast majority of media industry pros understand the change already hitting the airwaves. Over three-quarters of survey respondents say they believe that most content will be customized for individuals over the next decade.


2012 broadcast events such as the Olympics or the US elections have underscored value of live event-based television programming as a core component of the global media landscape. But they have also demonstrated that consumers want to experience these marquee events in a variety of ways and on a variety of platforms.


Net, net, the audience is now in control, with greater choice over what they will consume and at what price – in particular, non-live broadcast and movies. Ultimately, they will reward the broadcaster that gives them a great personalized experience tailored to the screens of their choice.



In the next post we will discuss the architectural impact the emerging world of personalized content has on the media industry and why it makes metadata the new source of strategic advantage.


To learn more about the Ovum/Avid survey, please go to:



Lead Analyst, Media & Broadcast Technology & Services, Ovum Research



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