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  • Amazon Reinstates Discounts on Avid Agility

    Those of you who are thinking about purchasing my book “Avid Agility” may have noticed that Amazon stopped discounting it last week. Their discount formula is a closely guarded secret, but I’m happy to say that humans can prevail, and after I talked with tech support, they’ve reinstated it. In fact, they’re now offering the [...] Read More... (read more)
  • That Post Show — A Little Squirt of Dopamine

    Last week, I participated in another episode of Kanen Flowers’ “That Post Show” — this time covering the skill-set you’ll need in order to succeed in the real world of the professional editing room. The episode is entitled “Squirt of Dopamine” and also features Mike J. Nichols, Paul Zadie and, of course, Kanen. I think [...] Read More... (read more)
  • Final Cut X vs. Media Composer 6 Podcast

    If you’re looking for a sane and reasoned comparison of Media Composer 6 and Final Cut X — from the real world of the editing room trenches — look no further than the latest edition of Kanen Flowers’ “That Post Show” podcast. I was a participant, along with Scott Simmons, Paul del Vecchio and Kanen. [...] Read More... (read more)
  • Avid Releases MC6

    Avid began distributing Media Composer 6 today. The new version has been upgraded to offer 64-bit support, and includes many new features, including a complete reinvention of the application’s approach to 3D-Stereo editing, the ability to mix in 5.1 and 7.1, “Open I/O” which allows you to use a variety of third party hardware options, [...] Read More... (read more)
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  • Editors Lounge Friday

    Alphadogs’ monthly Editors Lounge is always an entertaining and informative event for editors of all stripes. The discussion tomorrow night will skip the usual tech talk and instead focus on how editors edit — the choices we make and why. With high-profile panelists from features, television, reality, and music videos, I suspect the discussion will [...] Read More... (read more)
  • Upgrading Without Tears — Moving from MC4 to 5

    I received an email from an editor recently, a long-time Avid user, which started more or less like this: “I’m using MC5 on a TV series. But I really don’t like it. And the other editors on the show all have the same impression.” He went on to explain how much he dislikes the FCP [...] Read More... (read more)
  • That Post Show

    Host Kanen Flowers released another installment of his podcast “That Post Show” yesterday, and once again I was a participant. The episode, entitled “Cinematic Communal Experience” is a thoughtful look at the art and science of editing and, in particular, how web-based entertainment is changing cinema. We did our best to stay away from the [...] Read More... (read more)
  • Apple Updates Final Cut

    Working to bring back some of the professional customers that have left Final Cut in droves, Apple released an upgrade to FCP-X yesterday, which includes support for a new XML format and a way to export audio (or video) stems. FCP doesn’t allow you to control track assignments, but the new release will create stems [...] Read More... (read more)
  • Remembering Track Activation

    In the days of mono Nagras, production mixers mixed their mics into a single audio track. But multi-track digital recorders have made that idea seem quaint, and today, editors typically cut from two-track source clips (if not from four- or eight-track clips). Through version 4, Media Composer helpfully remembered source track activation. Which meant that [...] Read More... (read more)
  • Dealing with Big Monitors

    This is a little one, but it’s made an outsized difference to my work. Some of you are undoubtedly cutting on laptops, but for those sitting in front of a couple of 24″ screens, a common complaint is that so much screen real estate makes it easy to lose track of the mouse cursor. Though [...] Read More... (read more)
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