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Greg Price with VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 - On the "Crazy Train" Stop #3

Only published comments... Feb 26 2011, 05:26 PM by Greg Price
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Stop #3 finds us joining you with a great young group of future engineers, and we are all learning "The Avid Way". Greg Price is currently on a World Tour that started April of 2010.  This is stop #3 of "The Crazy Train" where I discuss my progress and the exciting new changes I am finding in the new VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9 synergies.

I love to share a "Life Changing" experience.  For me, after mixing for 35 years, the "Avid Way" has enabled me to make great changes in the way I work and mix.

Avid has brought the studio to "Live Mixing".  I started in the studio as a new engineer and the VENUE 2.9/PT HD9 synergy brings me even closer if not "IN" the studio way I engineer and my workflow. The benefits of VENUE 2.9/PT HD9 are studio like in every way. As I stated in Stop#2, I urge all engineers to pick up a copy of the "Live Recording Guide" for VENUE Systems and Pro Tools. The Live Recording Guide is a great reference and step-by-step map.  I go to it first when I have an idea or problem that needs to be worked on.

Pro Tools HD 9

So the band shows up at the gig the other day unexpectedly early, wanting to record and work on songs.  I was almost caught in the "Not Ready" position.  However, PT HD9 saved my butt.  I simply opened Pro Tools, selected "Session from VENUE" and Boom, I was recording.  Pro Tools received all the data it needed for the session from my Venue console.  I also made a text of the session data.  I normally use a template for my Pro Tools sessions, I like the colors, however opening new recording sessions using "Session from VENUE" is great.  PT HD9 looks into the VVENUE console with VVENUE Link and sees where the inputs are and where they will need to be on playback.  In a way it is a no-brainer.  The band takes the stage and starts playing, I start recording.  As we all have experienced during a recording session, there is always starting and stopping of songs.  Snapshot Markers help with that.  My band came that day to work on new ideas for a record, as well as to fix verses and choruses of songs that are in the show set.  Marking the session was very easy and accurate.  This is just one of the many great changes in Pro Tools and the "Link" to the VENUE console that make engineers daily lives much simpler.

Snapshots as session markers:

As the band continued to work on their show songs, I made session markers from my show snapshots on the recording.  This was a great help at the end of the session.  The band wanted to hear those verse and chorus changes that we were working on.  The markers made from snapshots during the recording now gave me a start marker for playback.  I could drill into the verse or chorus that the guitar player wanted or simply just play his solo, all at my finger tips thanks to VENUE 2.9 and Pro Tools HD 9.  Playback becomes just as easy a task as recording.  Now with the markers in place, it is easy to locate a song and the verse, chorus, solo, whatever you need from that song for your band.  Mixes for band members are made very painless.  You can drill right to the spot that they want.  Do a mix and print.  All made very easy.


Third party plug-ins.  I have noticed a mark improvement in the loading and instantiate process of these plug-ins.  It appears that plug-in racks that are loaded with third party items, load much faster.  Is 2.9 responsible for this improved performance?  I am not sure, but I like the quicker loading time.

"Crazy Train" runs into the "Time Machine"

Remember, as I continue to find great workflow ideas for my applications, next month Brad Madix will start up rehearsals with Rush and the "Time Machine" Tour.  Stay tuned as we travel together into the future.


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I started engineering in San Francisco in the mid 70's. My brother's band Pablo Cruise and the Record Plant where my first patients. I am currently enjoying my 16th year with Ozzy Osbourne and his World Tour.

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