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  • Mon, Jun 7 2010 9:35 PM

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    Installation: beginner question

    Ok, I'm almost ready to go.... :)

    Background: A few weeks ago I received my MC4 production suite in the mail (huge discount on upgrade from Liquid), and it looks inviting sitting there on my shelf!  I registered it; no problems.

    Last week Dell was having a sale ($400 off!) so I ordered a Dell T3500 qualified machine; it should arrive soon!

    (Such great deals, and yet I'm wondering how I am out several thousand dollars? Especially when we really need a new couch -- lol)

    I've explored and follow this forum, so I'm eager and ready to move from Liquid to MC...  I'm just a hobbyist, with a huge load of Mini-DVs, many HD.

    With that background, please be understanding with my question:

    Where do I start? 

    I watched a few of Douglas' training videos (really cool, and fun for me; my daughter thinks I'm incredibly nerdy), and I saw the links to others, but my question is more basic than that.  When my computer arrives, I want to install everything properly the first time.  Maybe it doesn't matter with MC, I just seem to recall that certain settings selected during the initial install was important in Liquid (although could usually be fixed later). 

    I have a fairly intimidating box of several DVD's and thick books.  Plus I see MC4 and several other software items, most of which I don't understand what they're for.  (Boris? Sorenson Squeeze?  Nitris?  Mojo?  Symphony? Adrenaline?  Avid MC vs. Avid FX?  Some disk I don't even understand what's in it?) 

    I plan to skip MC4 and just download MC5 when it's available.  When MC5 is available, should I just open one of the install manuals and follow it for MC5 and all of the software in the box?  Should I start now with the other software?

    I can learn how to edit with MC5 using the tutorials, plus a neighbor is a professional and has offered to help me learn.  My question here is NOT how to edit using MC5, but simply how to install everything (or whether I even need everything that's in the box) and maybe capture a few clips.  Does one of the tutorials walk me through the installation and setup process and explain what each program does?  (I'd like to start out right; I have a personal history of making simple things confusing during setup/installation.  For example, none of my documents are in the "My Documents" folder of Windows!)



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    Re: Installation: beginner question

    There will be a PDF manual along with the download of MC5 that will give you some install tips. MC itself is really easy to install. Just click on the autorun icon and you will see the option to install the suite. Select that and let it go. Be aware, during the install process you will see some warning box. Tell your OS to continue anyway and in about 15 minutes you will have MC itself installed.

    You will want to install the third party applications such as Sorensen Squeeze, Avid DVD, Avid FX, etc. They all install from the supplied discs and are necessary to fully utilize MC.

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  • Tue, Jun 8 2010 8:56 AM In reply to

    Re: Installation: beginner question

    Hi Lance,

    The Media Composer ReadMe file has a lot of good information about installation.  Make sure and have a look at it before you start.


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