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  • Thu, Jun 14 2018 9:31 PM

    MediaCentral Capture 2017.2.x

    Dear Avid, After over a year trying to get you to fix a number of bugs in Interplay, and now Mediacentral, Capture I'm ready to throw the towel in the ring. Multiple cases further, bugs being logged, fixes being released that do not fix the problems, new features only being half ready in some beta stage. The new version numbering just being ignored. Anyway...

    I have recently setup 6 Glookast servers with Capture 2017.2.4 and the system is basically unusable. Since the introduction of the new API device service that replaces the framework device service Interplay/Mediacentral Capture has lost the ability of correctly determining the status of airspeed and glookast servers. If, for example, a Glookast channel looses a valid SDI signal the system goes into a warning state it never comes out of when signal returns and that channel can't be used to record anymore. You restart the API device service and it all off a sudden become aware it can. If you dare to restart the API device service while some channels are recording you have lost those until you stop all recordings and restart all services again.

    L2 support has been providing the help they could but the problem is 100% a development issue. My question is simple Avid: Are you going to put the development resources in to make Capture a product that can actually be used in a broadcast environment again or should we just buy Glookast, MOG or Telestream ingest servers and schedulers and not bother anymore?

    A single channel failing requiring an API service restart, which requires you to stop all recordings on all channels is simply not viable. 

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    Re: MediaCentral Capture 2017.2.x


    Skyping you.


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    Re: MediaCentral Capture 2017.2.x


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  • Sat, Jul 28 2018 9:10 AM In reply to

    Re: MediaCentral Capture 2017.2.x

    Good morning Avid, Marianna,

    After more then a year of testing and troubleshooting Interplay/Mediacentral capture I thought the product didn't have any 'unknown' issues for me. I was wrong.

    Yesterday after expanding a 3.7.2 system (yes the upgrade to 2017.2.4 is pending) with another airspeed to 16 channels I also needed to create a new capture user as each user will use different favorites for different checkin locations.

    With the new user however:

    1.  the interplay capture client refuses to keep the layout of the interface when opening and closing the capture client. Fortunately there is the export import functionality of the layout so it can be restored quickly. But...

    2. leaves the favorites bar empty until a new favorite is created and the client magically loads all favorites previously created.

    So each time the user is closing and starting up the capture client he requires an import of the layout and a random favorite creation. The windows user under which this is done, a normal user or administrator does not affect the behavior.

    So I thought could it be that this is a bug fixed in 2017.2.4? So I contacted my colleague Dimitris who is at another brand new site where I installed 2017.2.4 and I asked him to create a new capture user and change the layout and favorites to see how it behaves and it has the exact same problem. This behavior resembles a bit the inews command client under windows 10. I haven't tested capture client under windows 7 but will hopefully be able to try that next week.

    I have send an email to Dave and will open a case if he wants me to.

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