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  • Wed, Feb 14 2018 1:47 AM

    showing off, then lost V3

    Hi, I just got Composer, and was loving it. While screening our music video edit I accidentally hit a key that got rid of ALL my V2,V3,v4, the edits were still there but all combined into one long timeline with no edit points visible.

    I couldn't see my edits anylonger, nor could I see Audio tracks beyond A1.

    Super weird, I exported and luckily the client loved it.

    Next project my buddy tells me to check my timeline setting to put things right again. 

    I did that but V3 is STILL missing from the timeline of the new project. Also in video display now all I see is frames of the timeline which I dont want.

    Whatever key I accidentally clicked was a doozy.

    Any solutions appreciated.

    I'm using the Media Composer First program. 


  • Wed, Feb 14 2018 9:49 AM In reply to

    Re: showing off, then lost V3


    Can you post a screenshot of your timeline? It might help to see what's going on.

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    Re: showing off, then lost V3

    Sounds like you collapsed the tracks.  You can access your old edits by double clicking the collapsed effect to step into it.  Then you can select the old edits, copy them to the clipboard (or their own subsequence) and paste that back into the original sequence.  

    This is is a case where you should probably duplicate the sequence first for safety if you haven't done this before.

  • Wed, Feb 21 2018 11:05 PM In reply to

    Re: showing off, then lost V3

    Hi thank you so much for the reply, sorted!

    On the tiny menu inthe far bottom left corner it has the option "Show tracks"

    somehow I'd hidden a whole bunch of them by trying to "hide" another open program. Thus I inadvertanly hid my Vtracks and A tracks.

    Phew, it was driving me crazy, thanks for the reply - helped me to not feel like a dope!

    - Helen

  • Wed, Feb 21 2018 11:08 PM In reply to

    Re: showing off, then lost V3

    Thanks for the help. It was weird because the edits were there on playback but I just couldnt see the actual cuts as the tracks had been condensed into V1.

    Turns out I just had to select "show tracks" from the tiny icon on the bottom left of my timeline. Once they were selected, my world is right again.

    Now, I'm on a roll.... till next time.



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