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  • Mon, Oct 31 2005 7:16 PM

    Idea [I] Mute / Solo VIDEO & effects

    For MCA and Xpress -

    1.)  The "top down" approach for layer visibility in the timeline is obsolete and should be replaced / swappable with a "mute / solo" or more appropriate "visible / invisible" layer arrangement.  Layers should be able to be moved up or down as well.  Can you imagine Photoshop and AfterEffects with "top down" only and non-movable layers!?!? 


    2.)  Users should be able to drag multiple effects to a clip without the unnecessary "nesting" process.  Perhaps effects icons could be displayed next to each-other on the clip in the timeline.  Also, the effects editor should be able to display multiple effects, as in AfterEffects or Final Cut Pro.  The user should be able to arrange the order of those effects without having to go through the cumborsome process of nesting to apply multiple effects to one clip.  Obvisouly, there are many times when nesting becomes necessary but for the basic task of putting two or more effects (say, a color effect, 3D-warp, and a glow) on one clip is much more time consuming then it needs to be with Avid.


    These two features are the main reason I now prefer the Final Cut Pro interface to Avid's.  Learn the shortcuts and they're both great, speedy editors but FCP still blows MCA out of the water in terms of effects manipulation and compositing.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Mute / Solo VIDEO & effects

    Regarding your number 1 issue about solo video monitoring, if you CTRL + click on the video monitor icon next to any given video track(s), the icon turns green and ONLY the contents of that video layer(s) are displayed.
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    Re: Mute / Solo VIDEO & effects

    100% in agreement with you regarding Effects handling.  I have been asking for the same method for years.  I don't know about your #1 request, though, because I personally have no problems with working in a "top-to-bottom visibility" timeline.

    I still want Segment Modes to go away, or at least allow us to turn them off and use the Avid interface in a true click-and-drag method.

    I also want to be able to just click-and-drag effects to an Avid title and affect that title without affecting the background.  You can do it now, it's just asininely difficult to do.

    But I can still use the Avid interface just the way it is, too.  As always, I can't wait to see what new goodies they have up their sleeves.

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