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  • Tue, Sep 20 2016 12:22 AM

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    Audio files from same .aaf replacing one another after relinking

    Hi team,

    I've just come across the most bizarre thing.

    Here's the rundown:

    Our sound house had given me a bunch of temp SFX for this feature that I'm working on. The SFX were all placed on a single sequence, and then it was given to me as a single .aaf.

    I brought the .aaf into Avid, and each SFX populated individually in the bin within Avid. I should add, there were hundreds of "Accurate Sample Edits" once the .aaf was brought in.

    Cut to two months later. The Editor and I have been working with these temp SFX throughout the show. So far the film has been smooth and I've hardly have any media management issues.

    Today, there was something that appeared offline on the Editor's system. I knew what it was because earlier last week I had been rendering some files to the wrong mount and so I copied them to the correct mount. It didn't register on his end however, so I relinked and all was brought back online.

    However, some of the SFX that we had cut in were now being replaced by other various SFX from that same .aaf, but were incorrect. Even some of the SFX that were not from this .aaf were replaced with SFX from the .aaf.

    I've never seen this before. Has anyone else seen this?

    I'm now having to go across the entire film and am finding that little bits of SFX are wrong (it's a heavy-gun film, so for example some of the bullet sounds are being replaced with punches, for example!) It's extremely frustrating.

    If anyone has any insight into this, it would help greatly. I'm having to go back and replace these incorrect sounds now - going back to old bins with older reels doesn't make a difference.




    Update: I brought this .aaf into a new Avid project locally. I've attached the screengrabs here for everyone's reference. I just laid out some SFX onto a timeline, relinked, and it was revealed that some of the SFX were replaced by others. 
    One thing I neglected to mention, each SFX came with a .R and .L file. Funny thing is, when we encountered this issue, I went into the original bin where the SFX lived, isolated those and got rid of them. However, there was another bin that we created with duplicates of those files that eventually got messed up with, and THOSE duplicates are still okay. Weird. 

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