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  • Mon, Mar 2 2015 12:15 PM

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    Cage/Grid updates


    The current grid settings don't really help that much, as a user we really need some title safe grids that align to common broadcast standards.

    If it could be updated so that 16:9 Safe, 14:9 Safe, 4:3 Safe amongst some others could be added as selectable templates tweaked and saved to the user setting that would really be helpful.

    If there's an option to have them sent to the client monitor too that would be even better!




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  • Tue, Mar 3 2015 4:48 PM In reply to

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    Re: Cage/Grid updates

    Grid Settings: Coordinates Tab
    Scale Mode
    Lets you work with a grid that indicates boundaries for a format other than the one in which you are working. This is useful when you are creating graphics (like titles) that must remain safe in other formats.
    Select one of the following options depending on the current and target formats you need. When you do not specifically need a grid that represents another format, use the Normal option, which is the default.

    • Normal
    • 4:3 Inside 16:9 Monitor
    • 4:3 Outside 16:9 Monitor
    • 1.66 Inside 4:3
    • 1.77 Inside 4:3
    • 1.85 Inside 4:3

    Lets you control grid increments.

    Fields: Sets the number of tick marks along the grid axes as well as the number of visible grid points. The default value is 12.

    Sub Fields: Sets the number of divisions between visible grid points for the snap-to-grid feature. Setting Sub Fields to 1 snaps objects to visible points only. A value of 2 provides 1/2-field jumps. A value of 4 (the default value) provides 1/4-field jumps, and so on. Setting Sub Fields to 0 turns off the snap-to-grid feature.

    Source Scan Size
    For film projects, where an optical house scans film for the addition of visual effects. The default values are 720 x 486 pixels.

    Source Grid Adjustments
    Lets you shrink or offset the grid.

    Hor. Offset and Vert. Offset: These options move the grid on the image either horizontally or vertically, and are intended mainly for film projects.
    Inset: This option shrinks the grid proportionally.

    Grid Settings: Display Tab

    Selects a different grid for each standard film type. For video projects, use the Square grid type. The grid for the Academy option includes a safety margin on the left that is used for adding the optical sound track.
    The following options are available: Square, Standard Film, Academy, Super 35, Anamorphic.

    Defines a color for the grid axes and the grid points.

    Show Safe Title
    Displays the safe title area. Create video titles within this area to ensure that they are viewable on a regular television screen.

    Show Safe Action
    Displays the safe action area for video display. This box is self-adjusting for different project formats.

    • Show 14x9 Zone
    • Show 1.66 Aspect
    • Show 1.85 Aspect
    • Show 1.77 Aspect

    Select one or more of these options to display the grid you want.

    Show Axes
    Displays the grid axes.

    Show Tick Marks
    Shows tick marks along the axes. Use the Fields option to set the number of tick marks.

    Show Thirds
    Divides the screen into three sections. This is especially useful if you are creating titles for the lower third of the screen.

    Show Points
    Shows the grid points. Use the Fields option to set the number of grid points.

    Show Position Info
    Displays the position coordinates of any point in the Effect Preview or Record monitor. Your Avid editing application uses compass coordinates and X, Y coordinates. For compass coordinates, (0, 0) is the center of the axes. For X, Y coordinates, (0, 0) is the top left corner of the monitor. X values increase to the right, and Y values increase as you move down. For more information, see Displaying Position Coordinates for Effects.

    To display the Effect Grid rather than the Safe Title/Safe Action guidelines:
    Press the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Macintosh), and click the Grid button.

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    Re: Cage/Grid updates

    If you have ever tried to create a 16:9, 14:9 or 4:3 safe title area inside a 16:9 frame you'll know what a painful faff it is! And actually it cannot be done to exact standards more importantly.

    Thanks for the long explanation though!

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