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  • Tue, Oct 21 2014 7:47 PM

    Consistency Check Failure

    Hello all,

    I'm providing RED footage, transcoded out of RedcineX and brought into Avid via AAFs and ALE import, to my editor who is offsite. He is getting a "Consistency Check Failure" error on a clip that plays fine on my computer/Avid. We are both on version 7.0.4. The error occurs in different places on the clip but always towards the end. The clip has two audio tracks attached to it but no audio actually in them.

    From past post/forum suggetions I've advised him to use firewire instead of the USB 3 port he is currently using (haven't heard back yet), and I stepped through the entire last half of the clip looking for a black frame which other posts mentioned (nothing on my system, won't be able to get on his until this evening).

    Some posts claim it's a communications issue. I move media from my g-raid drive to his g-raid via another g-raid shuttle. Could media be getting corrupted via the transfers? Is that what this is, corrupted media, that causes this error?

    Other posts mention it's an audio issue, so I will remove the two audio tracks from the clip and see if it plays through when I get on his system. Still others refer to corrupt metadata, how would I be able to tell if it's the metadata, brought in with the ALE import, that's the issue?

    If you've found a fix for this issue, or know where in the process it might be generated, please let me know!



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    Re: Consistency Check Failure

    It means your clip is corrupt.

    Sounds like you already narrowed down the troubled clip's location. Next steps are to remove the clip, recreate / relink the media, then reinsert. Happens when my guys round-trip between MC and Resolve.

    Sorry. Hope it goes well.

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    Re: Consistency Check Failure

    When your guys are roundtripping, is the clip corrupt on one system but not the other? I'm wondering if there's an issue with the shuttle drive I'm using to transfer that would corrupt the clip from my system to his. I'm going to take my big drive tonight and see if the media from that will play fine on his computer.

    This is the second odd error message we've had on his system but not on mine, with the same media, so I'm trying to pinpoint why he's having issues on clips that work for me.

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