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issues with relinking older files

Published on: Mon, Jan 15 2018

I'm working in a newer project set up in HD 1080 but need to access older files that were set up as dailies in an older project.  this older project was set up on a different version of media composer from a different computer, and the files are probably not in the same format.  When I try to re-link the files, which are offline, I check all the boxes so that it might accept a wide range of material and options, but once I submit, the computer doesn't even seem to think about it, it directly tells me that it can't do it.

In other versions of media composer (i'm working off the newest one, rented month to month), it would ask where to find the media if it couldn't automatically connect.  I don't see that option here beyond what drive to select.

Can anyone help?

thank you!

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