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  • Tue, Jul 5 2011 6:50 PM In reply to

    • Jan van Loon
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    Re: AVCHD Import Problem - Estimated Time increasing

    Hallo Henk,

    This artical have i copied from another AVCHD forum:

    "All the Sony cameras record to FAT 32 file format so they all have a 2 G limit for each file. Most other manufacturers use the same FAT32 file system too as it is economical for small memory sizes. Sony provides the Motion Browser software with the camera to transfer to the PC. This will join all the files together with no loss of any sync video or audio. It will also rename the clips by the start date and time of the clip recording and will also transfer all the metadata to the archive too. You will have clips( from pressing start to stop) rather than FAT 32 files. The camera decides on the file format so the cards need to be formatted in the camera. Using any other formatting will not work as the camera sets up specific files for video, stills and metadata. Read the manual its full of lots of information.

    I shoot theatre so my continuous times are between 50 min and 1 hour and 30 mins with no sync problems on any of my AVCHD cameras. I run 4 cameras ."

    It is really possible that other brands of cameras use different ways to file the footage.



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    • v-block
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    Re: AVCHD Import Problem - Estimated Time increasing

    Fat 32 file format is limited to 4GB, what you may be referring to is AVI 1.0 files which have a limit of 2GB and this a limit for AVI's that MC5 ridiculously still has, as far as I know. I really think it rediculous that a professional NLE cannot import as wide a range of files as possible or is fussy about any glitches.

    I have posted this senario before before on other capture issues regarding MC but anyway, if you are a professional studio that has spent all day shooting and footage arrives back at your NLE with a few freak glitches at the start of a few recordings, which senario would you prefer.

    1. The NLE totally refuses to import whole tapes because the footage is not up to the professional standards the NLE expects, so you end up with at least a whole wasted day.

    2. The NLE imports the imperfect files, flags them as such but allows you to work with the portions that are undamaged, which may well be the only bits you need anyway.

    It seems crazy to me to make a professional NLE fussy about importing, to the point where the decision on whether to import is taken out of the editors hands. Better that the NLE imports the files but by all means makes the editor aware of any problems on import and export.

    PS I do this for fun by the way but if I was trying to make a living to a deadline, I know which senario I would prefer.


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    Re: AVCHD Import Problem - Estimated Time increasing

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    Re: AVCHD Import Problem - Estimated Time increasing


    One can only hope and pray!


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