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  • Sun, Jan 30 2011 11:23 AM

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    More DVD subtitling problems, update: solved

    Finding the appropriate font & alignment requires a lot of experimenting (due to poor documentation/online help a.o.) - see my pending questions here:

    I have made some progress (Lucida Sans 18 gives acceptable results for my project), but I am now facing another hurdle:

    The movie has 2 subtitle tracks (languages) with about 880 subtitles each.

    Most captions are one-line, but many are 2 line text.

    After many trial-and-erros changes, I end up with the following strange thing:

    On one of the tracks, the box size is fixed, 2-line text is correctly placed in the box, but one-line text is positioned at the top of the box, the lower half of the fixed-size box remaining empty.

    On the other track, with the same alignment & font settings, the box size has been automagically resized to the number of lines in the caption, i.e. 2-line text is correctly placed in the box like for the first track, but one-line text is positioned in a smaller box (one-line high) whose bottom is aligned with the bottom of the two-lines boxes, leaving more real estate for the picture.

    Please understand that I did not do anything special to get this difference. This happened automatically.

    Both tracks have been initially imported from similar scripts containing only $HorzAlign = CENTER and $VertAlign = BOTTOM commands; they were then subsequently manually edited to resize the box shape (all subtitles selected with Ctrl-A before making the changes) & other manipulations (trial-and-error...).

    I don't understand why for one track, the box size has been automatically adjusted to the number of lines (and correctly aligned to the bottom) and for the other track, the box has a fixed size no matter how many text lines there are (and hence placing single-line text too high, i.e. aligned at the top of the fixed-size box).

    Question: how can I resize the height of all text boxes of the first track for all 880 captions at once to mimic the desired behaviour (i.e. like track 2, "floating box height") ?

    I don't want to revert to the stage of importing the script files, as too many editing (typos, manual alignment of dozens of captions that can't be done at script level, etc.) occurred since then; reverting to that stage would cost an unacceptable number of man*hours.




    By giving it one more try, I was able to solve the problem

    (moderator, feel free to delete this post)


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