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  • Tue, Dec 7 2010 9:44 PM

    Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    I understand that I can't go back to pre-5.0 editing functionality at this point (insert five-month heavy sigh here). So, I am always looking for ways to disable SmartTools. I have given it more than a fair chance, but simply can't stand it, nor can most of the other editors I know.

    What settings and/or configuration are officially recommended to disable SmartTools to the greatest degree, bringing it closest to previous version in terms of editing functionality?

    I've done several settings changes, but I am just checking to see if perhaps I have missed something.


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  • Tue, Dec 7 2010 9:53 PM In reply to

    • TrevorA
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    Re: Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    I did the setting that was 'disable when TC ruler clicked' and have it default to nothing selected. 

    This way I use the red/yellow segment arrows as before and click in the TC ruler to turn them off (as I've always done - I have a large TC ruler for this purpose). I did give ST a try, I quite like it in ProTools which I'm not very proficient in, but couldn't get it to be more useful than my old keyboard centred workings.

    I do have to use a new kb shortcut to enable editing of audio keyframes, which is both annoying and a nice feature depending on the weather. Otherwise I'm pretty much back to pre v5 working.

    v3 today though - got to hate those dissolves falling off segments as you move them!

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    • jaysonL
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    Re: Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    Hi Trevor,

    Where did you find the "disable when TC ruler clicked" setting?



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  • Tue, Dec 7 2010 11:26 PM In reply to

    Re: Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    Timeline Settings>Edit Tab, just under the Dupe Detection Handles pulldown

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    • Zac Hogle
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    Re: Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    I'm not a huge fan of the ST either, but I do find it has its uses from time to time. For this reason I mapped the Disable/Enable Smart Tool command to my Tab key on the keyboard. Once click and it's off, another click and it's back on. I find this to be the most efficient way to use the ST.


  • Wed, Dec 8 2010 1:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    I also do not use the smart tool. I have "TC ruler disable" on in timeline settings, and from the smart tool section of the command palette, I have mapped segment overwrite, segment splice-in and audio keyframe to the keyboard. Never have to touch the smart tool, except when the damn thing decides to randomly re-enable itself. The timeline behaves in the classic pre-5.0 manner.

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  • Wed, Dec 8 2010 5:02 AM In reply to

    Re: Official SmartTools disabling tips?

    Thanks all for sharing your personal tips. Sounds like we're all dealing with this in pretty similar manners. Larry, I like your idea of just mapping the functions to the keyboard, since I am very keyboard-driven in my workflow.

    And yes, it also drives me crazy when SmartTool randomly re-enables itself! What's up with that?

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